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..:: Another Simple Post ::..

Hay Everybody! Sorry for the silence, time to show I’m still alive! Hoped to have some promotion material for you and be able to explain what I’ve been working on but for the last 3 weeks or so I’ve had quite strong burn out as well as RL extra commitments and that’s knackered my schedule, […]

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..:: Still Around ::..

Hay Hay all, Just an update post here once more to say I’m chugging along with work behind the scenes on something for the site. Making progress in some areas, needs a fair bit more work again still before more details come out…. but just to say, you know…. I’m around and still working on […]

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..:: News Roundup + New Mass Poll (25.03.2017) ::..

Hay Hay hyper gape fans, Figured I’d not posted a illustration on the site for a little bit and wanted to speak out what’s going on and highlight things. Project – So working hard on putting pieces together for a little something something in the pipeline that’s taken a fair bit of my time. It’s […]

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..:: Unfocused Delivery To Correct ::..

(o) GENERAL / iGAPES WEB SITE STUFF Slowly, a return – Hay all you lovely people and fans of huge endowed women and their hyper destroyed pumped cunts fans of mine. So an apology that over the last few months honestly that things have been quite quiet around here. I can assure you I’ve not […]

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..:: New Content On Hold & Upcoming Content ::..

Art? – So hay people quick heads up, this time I’ve missed my spot to update and get new or backlogged art out this weekend. A little too busy in truth and think a pause it needed regardless in the content to reflect. WHAT! – Now now, no need for them touches and pitchforks! A […]

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..:: Round up Post 23rd Jan ’16 ::..

Hayo Lovely fans and people of the site. So I’ll be real with you all, this last week has been a delight to have had, found old friends again, gained new ones and made a start back to being more proactive. It’s a lovely feeling to be back in control and doing this. I said […]

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