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..:: Polls – Developed How? & Stories Author ::..

To my excessive hyper and gape loving fans and community I’ve gotten two more new polls for you to please help me out with if you can please? //// Poll One – How’d she get so big?! //// That eternal question – What is the MOST sexy method to change into this kind of girl?! […]

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..:: Have Some Stuff! ::..

About a week ago I had several ideas what I was going to give this week including mostly drawn material showing off this project finally, showing my ideas out and warming up for some release ideally starting to come up. I ended up drawing something that the ideas was fun and good but didn’t really […]

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..:: Another Simple Post ::..

Hay Everybody! Sorry for the silence, time to show I’m still alive! Hoped to have some promotion material for you and be able to explain what I’ve been working on but for the last 3 weeks or so I’ve had quite strong burn out as well as RL extra commitments and that’s knackered my schedule, […]

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