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Hiring Sius – Hi there, yes, even you can hire me for a reasonable price to make and do all sorts of things! It’d be great to be hired and work on something bespoke for you! Years of drawing these iGAPES girls, futanari dick girls and other erotic and outlandish creations and oversized and uncompromising piece of art make my content some of the most unique available with a distinctive style.

To find out more of how the content is created, have a look at the ‘Content of iGAPES‘ page, near the bottom.

Some of the following features will increase the price and some may not always be available. Please ask if you are curious to include any of these extras. However I could offer you the following elements….

Benefits Being a digital artist I have several things available to me that can really bring the work to life such as…

(o) Digital Recordings (video) – Options exist for recording of the artwork process to be recorded from start to finish. It is possible for my computer to record every stylus line stroke and movement over the many hours of creation.

This can ether be compressed into a video and maybe sped up several times the speed and so you can watch your piece of art made before your very eyes! Tis very mesmerising and fun to watch! For best results, please request this BEFORE art has begun. Examples of these recordings are available upon request.

(o) Multiple versions – Different versions MAYBE available to you and things can be changed so there are several versions of an image. Bigger this, longer that, extra parts here?… While some will increase the time to deliver (and thus the cost) some are very easy and maybe at least worth pondering over.

(o) Live Streaming Of The Art – Along with the recording to a physical file, I have the ability to draw and show my creations live for you (and maybe just only you?) to see it come together LIVE. Generally I dislike this as I like to focus on the art itself and do my own things, but it can be done if needs be.

(o) Instant Feedback – It’s a digital world and with digital art some aspects can be changed and altered no sooner than they have been adjusted. There for you can see and have more idea where the art is going and can make suggestions to help get the most out of your image.

This one is considered free and is made easier / sped up by being responsive in email / discord or other mediums (like I’m not going to draw on without you being happy and checking off the work if you request this, but you may hold it up with a slow response is all).

(o) Mediums – I’m most known for my art but photomanipulations, stories and captions and more features are available when hiring me. You get all my skills I can deliver on when taken on.

(o) Excess – As a reminder that I will often go to lengths to make sure the size and scale is something special where I can. I have unlimited space and scape in scope and size and well and still make it composed well and impactful….it’s something I can do quite well…. Maybe a element to consider to hire me on?

(o) Professional – I like to believe I’m approachable to also professional in my delivery and work. I’m also discrete with clients and secure to deliver on products too.

(o) Crisp Clean Final Images – Able to printed off if desired, used in art work of your own (as spites / PNG + transparency ) or as a whole piece that’s made just for you, this art creates new opportunities and will be special images like few others will.

Considerations There are a several things to bare in mind. Some content will be ill suited to me, unappealing or maybe beyond my means to complete and so the idea of the commission maybe rejected. There is also time constraints, real life issues (life in general, illnesses and beyond) that can get in the way that may slow down work.

Hiring me you will have to understand that your work is important to me but will at times need to addressed later if something urgent comes up. Most people are very understanding however it is worth reminding all of the nature of work flow.

Cost I also know after years doing art work like so that the days of racing to the bottom and make work for even less money than I would at a minimum wage job no longer holds water.

The time to create / quality of work ratio is bad anyhow and often I take a loss when I do commissions. Doing this takes time, skill, creativity and a passion and these things cost as they would in the real world and this art is no different.

Be aware that  hiring me to do art WILL cost. I absolutely want to do work for you, but I’m not doing it for peanuts, not at this stage. Please see the breakdown cost guage below for an IDEA of what it will cost come the end.

Currently Commissions are unavaliable. Please watch this space for future slots avalible. ^_^

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