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Commissions are currently AVAILABLE and OPEN.

Drop me a direct message on DISCORD or EMAIL ME HERE to work something out!


I’m an experienced creative designer and artist whom focuses on expertly crafted erotic material with a focus of hyper sized genitalia in my erotic images and a high calibre of finish, client input and professionalism.

With my distinctive clean style, high definition quality content and exceptional scale with fun kinks that few others seldom cover or deliver adequately there are plenty of perks of hiring me for a special image you have in mind!

I can cater to a budget and adapt to your needs. Futanari and hyper pussy females are my speciality but other themes or designs (from porn to normal ‘safe for work image’) can be requested also. If your after something weird and funky, I’ve a list of what I cover and content linked to my works (in case the websites art isn’t enough) JUST HERE.

I deliver a range of alternative versions of your commission with different modifications beyond the main image plus a video recording of the process so you can see how it came together and was crafted!

Your image can be produced in a range of media and styles. From custom hand drawn digital art – photomanipulations edits – 2d puppet animations – or a painted on 3D model (Honey Select Edit) Each with their own looks, perks and time commitments.


I charge depending on how long the commission takes – with flat rates set for minor jobs at £30. The longer it goes the nicer looking it will generally be but will be more costly.

I can work to scale if you’re on a budget or have an amount in mind you’re willing to pay.

I digitally record the commission throughout the process. This is not only as a perk for hiring me but also to show that I am working hard on it but also accurately shows the time taken.

Historically I have used £10 per hour (note: pounds sterling) in the past as a baseline. This rate is barely above a unskilled minimum wage job. This may increase slightly come your commission – you will be informed before hand of any changes. Hopefully this is a useful gauge to judge rates if nothing else.

Concessions will be been applied where I can to offer a better deal – you will be informed of any before the commission starts (or at conclusion should something happen).

A flat rate charge will apply at £30 for any content that take anywhere upto 3 hours to complete. If it extends beyond 3 hours to craft it will follow the rate mentioned above. Therefore £30 will always be the minimum rate I charge.


Let’s explain a basic outline of how commissions traditionally occur. Most of this applies to drawn art work, but for 3d painting H.S.E. and photomanipulations may be less intense (as they are quicker)…

1) Check your budget first – Hiring for commissions does cost. It is not crazy expensive but if you think it’s close to the cost of a coffee or two you’ll be very mistaken. Be realistic before you commit.

2) Getting in touch – let me know you’re interested by contacting me on Discord through my group or send me a message through the messaging section of the website. Make sure your email is entered correctly.

From here we’ll talk over the points of the commission and go through things you have in mind. I like to be detailed in my commissions so don’t be shy to speak your mind and ask for what you want and to answer any questions I ask – as you’ll get a better product in the end.

3) Production – As soon as time permits the commission will begin. I will record the whole process from the start till it’s conclusion. In the case of drawn art I will likely be in touch several times as the commission comes together to check you are happy with how it looks or anything that needs changing.

4) Communication – As your creation is being crafted; regular images will be produced showing the WIP stages (Work in production) and how it currently looks. You can request not to see it if you want to be surprised, but is not recommended.

5) Sign-offs and Checkpoints – With art projects or creations that require more time at key points I will check-in with you before progressing you are happy with how it looks before moving on. Corrections can be made before moving on otherwise both parties will be happy with how the production is going and will continue on. Areas such as time taken can be informed also to keep a tab on cost of production so far.

6) Completion – After hours of graft and attention the commission will conclude. After settling up the cost the content will be saved up / the video rendered and then sent over to you to enjoy!


A) NO, it does not. It is all part of the experience and is a very useful metric and accurate to prove the total time has been spent on the art and makes more content beyond the final product.

Q) How do you accept PAYMENT?
A) Though AMAZON GIFT CARDS, through PAYPAL or through PATREON

Q) What types of pictures / MEDIUMS can you make art?
A) DRAWN ART, PHOTOMANIPULATION EDITS, 2D PUPPET ANIMATIONS (from my own works + other peoples images) & 3D MODEL PAINTS

Q) If time equals money, what is the LONGEST TO SHORTEST TIME it takes to make content?
A) Each piece will be unique and depending HOW COMPLEX it is it may take more or less time. However generally….

– PHOTOMANIPULATIONS depending on the pose can be simple and quick and are usually the QUICKEST.
take a little time to generate the model and pose her, then paint on her but is MUCH quicker then normal art. So GENERALLY QUICK. It’s also good for sequence work (Character changes and growths) or with other partners and saves a load of time doing it this way!
IT DEPENDS on the image and details required. A simple low res image with no colouring won’t take as long as a 4K ultra coloured titan of an image. See next question for more info.
Added ONTOP of the DRAWN ART, but has the benefit of being able to plan for it and get some better animation from it
Painting extras behind parts moved TAKES A FEW HOURS TO PAINT and then ANIMATE. Can be done fairly quickly compared if model is mostly pre-crafted.

Q) Can you SIMPILY the Art to speed it up and LOWER IT’S COST?
A) Yes.

Q) Explain the COST for ART MORE?
A) Again MORE COMPLEX, MORE COST as it takes longer. If you want a small doodle sketch with no or only basic shading it won’t take too long – but images close to the 1920 x 1080 resolution scale using big range of colours in the art then it will cost much more.

I’ve had some some high quality drawn art but a simple cell shading take 6 hours to huge images with excellent CG and loads of versions take easily 18 hours.

I can offer options (such as greyscale painting, less neat outlines etc) it if is of concern to you. We’ll discuss and work it out when chatting about the commission.

Q) I’d like a SEQUENCE of images of this character, can you do it?
A) YES. Doing one image after another is totally fine – we can settle up after each one to keep it easy but doing a growth sequence is easy. Also things such as Honey Select Edits can thrive in this area if this is your bag?

Q) I have XYZ much moneys, WHAT WILL IT BUY ME?
A) If you are on a BUDGET then I can WORK TO THAT TIME SCALE and get as much out of it for what you’re willing to offer – I’ll squeeze as much out of the time as I can.

Q) With PHOTOMANIPULATION edits, can you alter a picture CERTIAN MODEL or a picture of my WIFE or GIRLFRIEND?
A) YES, Sure can – I will not partake in anything that maybe considered revenge porn or against their wishes however!

Q) Why set £30 as the minimum RATE? Can’t you GO LOWER?
A) NORMALLY, NO. I set it at this on purpose because doing anything less than the 3 hours time slot isn’t worth the trouble of being hired for the cost of a drink. With the time it takes to sort it all out it takes longer sorting out paperwork than actually the commission. Allowances maybe considered in very unique situations but assume the flat £30 minimum will apply.

Q) I want some drawn art but want your drawing LOOK AND STYLE CHANGED to its more in line with the normal style (Anime for example)
A) SURE, not a problem I can TRY and MIMIC how it looks and keep it away from my own style if you want.

Q) Can you do ANIMATIONS?
I can do PUPPET ANIMATION, but a drawn traditional animation isn’t one of my strengths

Q) Do you do FURRY ART?
A) YES…. KIND OF. BUT It’s not really my bag, but I’m not a child and won’t touch it only because I don’t ‘get it’ myself. Results may be mixed.

Q) I’d like a STORY or CAPTION ADDED to the final image.
A) Fun, YES, we can do that. YOU CAN write it OR I CAN try to add some text to make it come alive. It can be released with an without the text in the final version and is a easy alt version to be saved at the end. If the caption I write is MORE A SHORT STORY however I’ll be charged for it at the SAME RATE.

A) As long as it DOESN’T BREAK THE FUNDAMENTALS of the image, SURE CAN. Clothes, jewellery, background, effects are fine.

Q) Will you do this for me FOR FREE?, it’ll be good ‘EXPOSURE‘.
A) NOOOOO!! and piss off! – I punch people in the kidneys for less insults. DO NOT!

So drop me a message on DISCORD or CONTACT ME HERE to see about art for you today.

If in doubt it doesn’t hurt to ask if your interest but unsure. Worst is I say ‘Sorry but no’ but maybe we can work something out? I’m looking forwards to maybe crafting for you soon and thanks for reading folks!

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