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Interactions – Not really TOO much to type about but things to be aware of or draw attention for you on and what you can do.

Sign up – Isn’t really a thing on this website. I mean… you can but….maybe not? Some sites promote having an account and getting involved and posting and…. nawww, not really here. Save your time and just leave that alone.

Feedback – As a result of no replys to this website I do indeed lack feedback which is so vital to know I’m on the right track. Minor problem that. As a result we have a few ways to get involved, speak your mind and show support through…

(1) Thumbs up – Takes a second, but posts with things like in them such as a art, or a story or something consider clicking the thumbs up. It takes a second and is SUPER useful as a gauge what people like and take but a single seconds for you to do.

There’s an example on the right (+10) what I mean. So if you click the thumb on other pages (usually on the bottom left corner of many posts) it adds up and just what a help it really very much is. So cheers in advance to any help you offer this way! ^_^

(2) Polls – Another one that’s hopefully quick and easy. If you see any polls on the webpage, have a read and cast your honest opinion. There are no wrong choices and I can compile data so quickly and easily its great.

NOTE, it might not seen obvious it has worked (maybe?). See WordPress (this interfacing website design) sometimes doesn’t show your choices right away or hangs… but know your vote has been counted, so thanks again a huge one!

(3) Discord – To get involved on discord you can talk to me, others who enjoy this stuff and see some work earlier than others. It’s a wonderful solution the lack of sign up here on Check out the ‘discord page for more information. Look forwards to seeing you on!

Extra mile considerations – These are things you can do that will support me. Each options is inside the Hiring – Ordering – Supporting section. I’m pleased with any level anybody can give (coming to the site, looking at the art to voting and thumbs up) but really long term there needs to be more than that to keep this place running and the following methods ensures this site will keep going.

(4) – Art packs– There maybe times where a pack is available to order from here. This is done with the intend to released the BEST material I can make in a set and give you every pennys worth of content for your buck.

As always the funds go right back into the site, software updating, hardware replacements and update, website hosting costs and lastly funds to keep me alive and give me more time to work on art work here than need to go looking for work else where. Plus, you know, great gaper art! Check here for more information.

(5) Funding / Patreon – At some point there maybe an option for people to help me out by considering donations to the cause, website maintenance and to make sure this site can continue to move forwards.

I’ll have a whole section dedicated to this time but this again is a serious thing and will be suplimented with unreleased art, hidden content, discounts and other benefits! Please have a think to help me out and if you do more information is available right here.

(6) Commissions – To hire me and use my skills as a artist and designer to make bespoke art work is an option. My rates and details will be available in the Commissions‘ Sections. Check-a-look!

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