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..:: Links Fixed! ::..

TL;DR – Fixed image links, please view. Links in post. Sorry, Enjoy! SUPER Quick post – I was looking to prep for an update, as I’ve been busy with other aspects (as mentioned in my prior posts) but found that in the Arcaida and Loosely broke beginnings images that none of the images actually went […]

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..:: Poll – Story Content ::..

Hay all – I have a big story based poll to post and something to discuss, so let us begin! POLL – Multi questions, multi answers. I’ve split the sections into A1, A2, B1, B2, etc. Please try and answer just ONE from EACH A,B,C (and beyond) sections, the one that you sounds the best […]

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Oh for fu*ks sake…

Hay all – quick one here. So I came to upload a image as mentioned in my last blog entry post – you know, the one that took me maybe 2/3 hours to type up and explain where whats happened, is happening and has happed over the last 10 years. WELL….. WordPress Decided NOW was […]

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..:: CG October Has Started ::.. (Updated 07.10.18)

Greets my peoples. More a quick post to say that the CG colouring has started (I’m more able to do this kinda of thing from mid to late in the week) and its been nice to see some come together…. bit still a little rough around the edges still at this point and re-learning techniques. […]

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..:: October & November Personal Challenge Plans ::..

Hello – and greets most patient and lovely peoples of the internet. Well, oh shit… looks like I find myself WELL out of touch and FAR behind doing and getting work out for you guys, even on the discord server (which has been getting some new art sooner and fast then posted here) and I […]

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..:: Foundation Collection Feedback + Small Sizes Poll ::..

Hay all, So no main art today as the original backlog has dried up and I’ve not had too much time to go deep into my old art and do what I did with the other pieces (I know, sorry sorry ^^) So firstly just gotta throw out just how pleased I am with the […]