..:: ElevatioN – Part 2 ::..

Hello my people,

Well it sure has been a hot minute since I touched this story and finally have come around to finishing it off!

I’ve updated the main story page and continued on where I’d left off. For anybody looking for a place the story continues at please look for the following string of text with your search / find function in your web browser

” Her hands began to stroke my chest as I returned in kind.

..:: iGAPES Story – ElevatioN ::..

I think I can only apologize in this being as late as it is. It’s not only late but near a year ago which is terrifying. I’ve started to feel the last 10 years have been that for me, time flying by and things being left incomplete.

It honestly was a struggle to even look at doing this as I’ve had it on a ‘to do list’ for months and ever time I’d open it up and after a moment of hesitation found ‘other things to do’. Its hard to find the words and the pace of this as my attention just wasn’t in it when I tried to make it happen.

I didn’t have much a chance to finish it off the first few months after the first posting as I had to drop it for very important reasons which I do not regret and there was a time after I had much more other things to do than this story, but then it started to fade from my mind and I picked up my art but not the story and…

Well we are here today. I finally banged it out and got it finished. I may go back and refine it from the point mentioned above if I need to do some tidy up as its not as tight as the first part in truth, but it was something I needed done. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it if you try and pick up the pieces, thank you for your patience and let up hope I never have that same issue again in the future. Thanks!

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