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..:: Polls Up The Wazoo ::..

I had forgotten how much I love the reminder of feedback of polls and how fab it is to have people vote and help me out with this. So I’ve done its own post while I tidy up some art work and know how to shape some new material going forwards. As always, a moment […]

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..:: Photomanipulations – Gapers, Subtle Edition ::..

Hi All, just a few manips for your pleasure. I was asked to tone it down on some, so I’ve done that with one or two – but don’t worry we cater to all shapes and sizes here, maybe big crazy sizes next time? ^_^ As always apologies to the girls and the photographer here […]

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..:: Unfocused Delivery To Correct ::..

(o) GENERAL / iGAPES WEB SITE STUFF Slowly, a return – Hay all you lovely people and fans of huge endowed women and their hyper destroyed pumped cunts fans of mine. So an apology that over the last few months honestly that things have been quite quiet around here. I can assure you I’ve not […]

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..:: Ask a Size Queen A.M.A. – Answers ::..

Context – So delayed, but we have some content from Jools for you. For context the questions where emailed over to me and by request of Jools herself I was asked to ask them directly like I was asking them to her in a chat by her request. So I look the general questions, added […]

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