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..:: Story – The Demon Hunters ::..

So this one was suggested to me and highlighted by a viewer (many thanks my friend) and anybody else who has anything like this (story, art or anything else related to the subject) they want to show off is most welcome to do so in kind. Don’t be shy to say get in touch ^^ […]

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..:: OI! Where Is My Content you Lazy Bugger?! ::..

So hay there you lovely patient fans and gape lovers armed with pitchforks and touches 0_O How’s it all going? Explain! – So I’m more reporting in here as I’ve had a crackin’ few weeks, turn into months of mixed momentum. Had some stuff happen but also some failed art, touch of inner self doubt […]


..:: Polls – Developed How? & Stories Author ::..

To my excessive hyper and gape loving fans and community I’ve gotten two more new polls for you to please help me out with if you can please? //// Poll One – How’d she get so big?! //// That eternal question – What is the MOST sexy method to change into this kind of girl?! […]

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..:: Bit of This and That ::..

Still working hard in the background again over here. Will hopefully have something for you lovely people soon. Putting some solid effort in on this one! In the mean time have just a few bits to give you as you all wait. Good times! Cymic44 – I’ve come across a cool cat on the Discord […]

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..:: Story – Still Tight, Origins (Birthday Exposure) by Kitty ::..

The original work by Kitty or Slutkitty has a special place in my heart as being one of the few who went in deep and put kinky fetish into flowing words. I love it – find it  >> HERE << It came to my attention recently that she did indeed continue writing after she’d sent […]

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..:: Story – Still Tight by Kitty ::..

Hay all – little treat here today with a special something story. This one comes to us by Kitty, who’s written this piece out of the blue  and have to say it something rather damned good. A solid kinky and certainly in line with the fetishes of the site and just kinda perfect and fab! […]

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