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..:: Update Post – 24.03.2019 ::..

Hay all! TL;DR – Been busy, but back again. Pleased with input on content and thanks for voting / letting me know, results below. Patreon will most likely be a thing. I’ll still be doing free art, but more is available with help and funding – Thanks ^^.   And Back – So since I […]

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..:: iGAPES – H.I.P.S. Case Study 01 ::..

We wary dear viewer and be educated on the latest iGAPES releated side effect, HIPS! I’d made mention of HIPS themed girls before but felt this maybe a point to bang this one out. Originally I’d decided that wide hipped girls would be another body type of gaper with a much broader lower section than […]

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..:: Links Fixed! ::..

TL;DR – Fixed image links, please view. Links in post. Sorry, Enjoy! SUPER Quick post – I was looking to prep for an update, as I’ve been busy with other aspects (as mentioned in my prior posts) but found that in the Arcaida and Loosely broke beginnings images that none of the images actually went […]

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