..:: iGAPES – H.I.P.S. Case Study 01 ::..

We wary dear viewer and be educated on the latest iGAPES releated side effect, HIPS!

I’d made mention of HIPS themed girls before but felt this maybe a point to bang this one out. Originally I’d decided that wide hipped girls would be another body type of gaper with a much broader lower section than a normal girl…

but then the more I thought about it and most gapers of large large iG size usually have these elements about them in the art and as they grow, it’s just less obvious as they are kinda hidden or your eyes are on the huge pussy mound instead.

So making this a thing, H.I.P.S. being a side effect of gapers can be a reason for having a ‘normal’ XXL stretched pussy or a ‘pumped’ stretched pussy and have some lore as to why it exists OR reason why a girl would seek it out to have a swollen mound of a pussy ready to rock.

Hope to do more of these going forwards (and more lore with them), as doing smaller gaped girls = more dynamic poses = easier to bang out. I’m pleased with this one and was fairly quick to do. Speaking of which, don’t expect an update next week -_- Important week for me, and can’t do art (shouldn’t have done this one, but I was going mad, so had to be creative and do something! ^_^)

If you enjoy this size and scale for a change then hit me up with a +1 below if ya would kindly and be working on new stuff ASAP! Cheers – Sius


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