Patreon / Crowd Funding

What is Patreon? It is a means to support me and my creations. Without people supporting me new material will not have been released as it supliments my time working on this material. With it I can spent that time doing something I love rather than having to spend that time finding funds from other places to keep the lights on.

Well What’s it going to have? –

  • Unique fetish of iGAPES (Hyper excessive pussy) Artworks! Massive vagina (non -furry) girls drawn with excess showing every detail!
  • High quality Released Reactions (Futanari / weird) Artwork! Back to my roots again. Oversized and weird dickgirls and more!
  • Photomanipulations of iGAPES and Futanari Girls! Crazy life like alterations to make your fantasies one step closer to true!
  • Experimental artwork of ideas and themes! High impact drawings of ideas less seen and werid/er designs maybe for the future!
  • Special ‘one off’ content and ‘pack’ content exclusively available for patreons for a time!
  • Other special events – Video recordings of art being made, records of progress and ability to direct what gets made and much more!

What makes you special? – Created for Unique kinks and fetishes that others seldom draw (XL human gapers especially) at a very high digital level (working at 1 pixel outlined art), photomanipulations alterations of a excessively high standard, digital created standards and often uncompromising sizes and scale which other struggle to match. Stories, themes and captions help bring the material to life in some images too. Not many can claim the same.


Why have this patreon? I’ve done this as a hobby for years on and off as time permitted. Now I have enough skills and have dedicated enough time to make content that could support me and make great content. It is special enough and unique enough that I can offer the people these under catered kinks with my art and designs and fill this niche.

Your financial support will allow me to keep my lights on and fed and allow me more time to spend making this stuff and get material finished and out that may never have seen the light of day.

How is the content released? – Over time this may change (Still early days as I write) but I intend for people to enjoy and pick up my content and it will be cycled through for newer material as the month/s progress.

I’m aiming for a new high quality piece of art, ideally CG coloured per week along side the extras like experimental sketches and the photomanipulations done as we go along. It will be a rotation of gaper and futa art ideally. After a time some of the material will be placed on the websites for free but a lesser quality and other material will be placed into packs or be exclusive material not given outside the patreon as a reward to people who support me.

What do I need to know going in? I’ve gotten quite a back log of material to release and or finish off and grab from, however they are not coloured (As there where just for me I rather spent my time working on new stuff honestly) and my CG (as of writing) is good enough but a little rusty and slow.

I’m also going to be changing things are we go, being fluid and changing as needs be and what people want. So please bare with me as I try and herd cats and get a grip on things. After a few month in it should be a well oiled machine and the content will be firing hard and fast.

But I can’t support you… Hay, not to worry and thanks for at least considering it. The content inside the patreon, some of it will be available to the public after a time has passed (So you’ll be able to snag a lesser version of it later on at least). I don’t want to punish people and make my work totally exclusive but there certainly will be content.

This Patreon will mean that content finally gets released and given the true time and treatment it deserves thanks to the support of Patrons so everybody wins!


Where can I sign up? – Click on the link here for www.patreon/sius and consider having a look at the tier options and rewards.

Anything else? – Just thank you for your support, either as a viewer of this website and your patience or as somebody who will take the extra step, offer a tiny amount, make a huge difference and get some really special stuff from it. Cheers – Sius


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