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..:: iGAPES – H.S.E. 002-6 Lillian, Becoming Untouchable ::..

Lillian, once a humble office worker who gains a destiny with her expanding vagina on her unnatrually sexualised  body… an image set with captions tell of her tale to be told!                 Notes: So after the success of the main mock girl (and knowing this worked) I decided to take advantage […]

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..:: iGAPES – H.S.E. 001 (Mock) + Explination ::..

It’s time to release something NEW… and from the beginning – LET’S GO!! Introducing a Honey Select Edit otherwise as a H.S.E.! I’ve mentioned them in a post before – around about >> HERE << in fact; but that was a little time ago. So I want to explain a touch more since they have […]

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..:: Check Checkin’ In – Honey Select Edits (H.S.E.’s) & Update ::..

Hello my fans of gaping and excess – It’s been a little while, a hot minute if you will and so I figured I’d take a moment to chat and talk. Firstly – I hope everybody is going okay and is being safe in these uncertain times. Since last time I posted the world has […]

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..:: Bit of This and That ::..

Still working hard in the background again over here. Will hopefully have something for you lovely people soon. Putting some solid effort in on this one! In the mean time have just a few bits to give you as you all wait. Good times! Cymic44 – I’ve come across a cool cat on the Discord […]

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