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Hello my fans of gaping and excess – It’s been a little while, a hot minute if you will and so I figured I’d take a moment to chat and talk.

Firstly – I hope everybody is going okay and is being safe in these uncertain times. Since last time I posted the world has sure seen its sign of crazy things happen to it in a multitude of ways. So here is to hoping everyone is doing fine and well despite the hardships out there. Please stay safe whatever environment you’re in, we’ll get through this together!

So now is the time
– which I go a little more into me and what I’ve been upto. As you have seen in the graphic above I’ve been pretty busy with content and art and getting things done! It’s been crazy busy and productive! Running a patreon is close to a full time effort with constantly something to do and managing my time as best I can, but the results have been well worth it and I’m really finding my footing now.

Patreon – so again, may as well promote this while I’m here!  The content I produce is heavy and excessive in XL gaping / hyper pussy and Huge futanari as main kinks. It more extreme than ‘bubbly’ art work. It is very heavily based on human, non furry characters with a more grounded and realistic (not too cartoony) feel to it and doesn’t hold back! There are many versions of each image avaliable of extremely detailed and bespoke content that very few if any are making at crazy level. Artwork, making of videos, photomanipulations and H.S.E. (see below for more detail) make for a complete and dynamic package.

The support – has honestly kept me going and the more people we have on will help out grow the community, I’ll be able to put more time into making this kind of content – so please consider joining up and enjoying this bespoke content and keeping me alive and fed.



Honey Select Edits (H.S.E.) – So the other thing I wanted to highlight was a new medium I’ve worked on and made! Very exciting! Similar to photomanipulations which I’m making as Patreon rewards it’s taking something and editing it to make something very unique and special.

So for anybody – who doesn’t know Honey Select is a hentai game. It has models you can make and bring into a room and its kinda good. The jiggly tits gets a giggle out of me everytime ^_^ ANYHOW as the program is also based on a 3D modeling program of the girls you can make your own. Now this isn’t enough as you now need mods, special plugins and an understanding of rigging manipulation, editing the hidden back end values and all sorts. It’s certainly a thing, but with the right know how you can go far.

Unique Spin – So while there is straight porn of these girls and the models, the trouble come in that it…. it has its limits. You can use some modelled parts and put them on the girls and you can edit the look and feel of them, but after a time you can only do SO much before you somewhat run low on options.

Not that – that’s a bad thing, some great content can be made out there. Check out friend and avid duck collector extraordinaire Cymic 44 for examples of this stuff – He does content I made but all for H.S. . It takes a little while to do, but once you have it down you can pump this stuff out and it can be fab.

But I decided – I personally could bring something fresh to the table and be artistic and use my skills to do more with them. So somewhat like the photomanipulations I’ve taken the girls, edited them to pose and THEN drawn ontop of them, simulating the style and look of the girl in the image. It doesn’t use any pre built assets with the genitalia at all and is all hand painted on.

The final result – is something few others have done or without artistic skills wouldn’t be able to make like this. The best thing of all is while it take a few hours to make it is SO quick compared to the pixel level normal digital art I do, so I can bang these images out somewhat quickly AND making a set of a girl isn’t too hard too! Crazy!

Honestly – I’m very pleased with the way these have come out and hopefully adds content to my portfolio and works on Patreon and is unique, which feels nice to make something like that. The more I do the better they get, the more detail goes into them and the faster I can make them (in theory ^^)

Below – are some low resolution images and some censoring (¬_¬ sorry) of examples which will be in the Patreon and will be coming out soon. futanari / hermaphrodite girl models also included too. I hope you enjoy them all the same!

Well I have to get back to work, but it has been nice reporting in and telling you about my new content. Again please stay safe out there and Patreon or not, thanks for your support and showing an interest in my content – Cheers! Sius

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