Discord Community Group

Link – The group links is here https://discord.gg/8jbDf4Z

What is Discord? – So Discord is actually a gaming platform that you can use like a chat messenger as also as meeting place and for groups. We have our own place, a channel & community on there – all NSFW marked as you’d guess.

It’s focus is not really games (although I’ve played with members of the community so that’s been an extra bonus) but instead its created as a meeting place for fans of mine and others of these kinks and fetishes to meet as a group. With this I can get instant feedback, ask about ideas, posting material relevant and a much quicker turn over than this website and more.

Why? – To begin with it was an experiment of sorts. Other artists had groups on Discord and almost used it as a platform to promote their stuff and so figured why not try it out. It was far more successful than I could have hoped and offered opportunities that this website could not and has been a great boon for the community. We don’t use twitter or facebook for other channels, so this fitted that role nicely.

Since starting the group we’ve had several creators who have contributed their content that fits several categories and also expanded the range of kinks (from gaping / pumping to breast and futa fetishes) so it combines both iGAPES and startlingly to increase, futa and other fetishes that Released Reactions would be known from.

Conclusion – So now we have a place to call our own, hopefully getting others inspired and interested in this stuff they may create more, spread the good word of this fetish or just enjoy what gets made on there. I intend to keep the group going strong and encourage like minded people to pop on and see what’s going on if you have a moment.

I post more stuff over on discord than this website because its less ‘official’ and more easy going and a bonus for checking that place out so you may get stuff early over there too. Hope to see you on there!

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