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..:: iGAPES Story – ElevatioN ::..

A story of two parts – before posting, this is the 1st half as I’ve gotten it. Too far in to ignore, but still need a little more tuning before releasing the entire thing. Updates / adjusterments and corrections may happen as the final one is posted but here is what we have so far […]

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..:: Update Post 21st April 2019 ::..

TL;DR – Been busy, story by me, ElevatioN (1st half) is ready and posted. 2nd part coming soon (TM). New art software working out. Updated limited for next few months. I love you. Hay hay my lovely people – So before I begin I’m going to apologize once more. A late update both my fault […]

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..:: iGAPES Pussy Design Details – Hybris Outbreak + Types iGAPES Mutations ::..

Overview of Findings: Hybris Outbreak & Types of Infectious iGAPES Manifestations and Mutations Report and case studies by Kasanagi, Mio ..:: Overview ::.. – Recently the United Nations Academy of Pathophysiologists has recently begun to research the infectious nature of a new pathogen from the sexually mutated women commonly known as the iGAPES. What follows […]


..:: STORY: Accidental Profits by Chiron @ Home ::..

Story from Chiron@home – Was a mesh of original iGAPES ideas which I’ve gone on and worked with this story to make the final iGAPES background. Great read!

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