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..:: Interview with Kimmy ::..

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to have time with the author of one of the stories posted on this website, Kimmy. More than just interested in gaping as fiction, she had expressed she liked to gaper in real life too, so I asked for some question for an interview which she was happy to answer […]

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..:: Interview with an iGAPES – Tomi ::..

**** Foreword **** The following interview has been heavily modified and is a deviation from the creators original direction. My contributor, good but interesting job with their attempt at  making a character for the interview, but with Three problems. Some sketchy iG world details (so making it less based on the iG mythos of timeline) […]

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..:: Interview with an iGAPES – Ella ::..

**** ARTIST’S NOTE **** (o) [The art work here DOESN’T match some of the description of the character interviewed.] (o) [Ella is the persona of a contributor to the site with the same name, but she originally designed her character differently to this interview version. (o) [Created before hand and based off different characteristics (which […]


..:: Interview with an iGAPES – Shizuko ::..

Interviewer: – Good evening, please sit on down here, don’t worry about any mess, as long as your comfortable. Excellent, now I’ve gotten a few questions to ask you, don’t worry about how you answer, but your honesty is something we hope to get. If you feel a question is too personal, feel free to […]

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