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So What is iGAPES? – Welcome to iGAPES.com ! The goal of this web space is to promote the enlargement of female genitalia and female body. This often is taken to an extreme degree and is made overly large to surreal. However real life models are used from time to time.

Much of the content  is drawn and while it is art work, it is indeed meant to provoke and be of a lewd and sexual nature. Details about the content is delivered in a separate tab on the about iGAPES page.

This naturally means the content is of an adult nature. Viewers to this website are heavily advised to review the website policies and legal agreements that by using this website, and or agreeing to the warning page from www.igapes.com you adhere too.

The purpose of this website is also to encourage like minded people to come together, enjoy this very unique area of fetish and create a community where people enjoy this kind of material can come together and hopefully inspire others.

With luck this form of fetish will begin to rise and we will see more content come from it in the forms of fictional (art, stories etc.) or reality (women inspired to begin stretching and promotion of size queens)

The webmaster, creator and content producer for this website goes by the Alias ‘Sius’ and is available for contact via the form within the Community / Communication page.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your visit and the content within.

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