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October 2018 CG Colour Month Checklist of Malice

Context – Following on from the post here I’m going to have this as the record of material done, so you can see both what’s been done, but if I’m keeping my word too. Goal – To get coloured art work or content out to you over the month of October. To ideally get at […]

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..:: New Links ::..

Links – Most the time I don’t highlight new links but we have a small batch of them… so just in case they get over looked heres a post. With thanks to the member of the discord community for highlighting some these artists for all to see! Glub’s Artwork / Tumblr – https://stygianapogee.tumblr.com/ Note: May […]

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..:: Spotlight – Calico Jack ::..

So one of the hidden benefits of making the Discord group was coming across Jack here. I’d never hit any of his works before this but her fun and dynamic style is certainly welcome and the fact he does huge pussy also makes it all the sweeter. Pencils are his jam, but also a nice […]

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..:: Spotlight – Thirty ::..

  http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Thirty/profile So I bumped into Thirty’s art works lately in truth and was pleasantly pleased to see another hyper pussy gaper fetish in his works. As you can see hes done animations (and pretty good at them too!) Beyond our kinks and fetish hes also got some futa on there and also some furry […]

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..:: Spotlight – New WOWIAmBig Video ::..

Hay Crew – Been off my work a little touch, slowly getting back to it though. Just had a few of ‘them’ weeks you know. So check out the following link – http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45406 .Though it has a clicky bait like title, WowIAmBig is back and well… the video in 1st post has to seen to […]

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..:: Spotlight – Fragile ::..

So out the blue I find another artist who dabbles his hand into this kind of work, which is refreshing, and something I’d like to highlight for you all today. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fragile007/ Had the pleasure of talking with this artist, Fragile – nice guy you should give your support to to show your interest more in […]

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