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Release doodles. ideas or incomplete words

..:: Another General Post + Poll ::..

Hay Everybody – Been a while, sorry about that! Thanks for hanging around, waiting for something new… So January was a very good month all in all and even excelled myself in key areas, both RL and clocking other aspects too and making improvements, slow as they maybe. Poll – Live Art Casts / Video […]

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..:: iG Art Scraps Four ::..

Releasing these crude stylus fodder scraps from another time is interesting to see the ideas I put in back then, and maybe some ones I should like to use again in a better picture. Jade – Was going to make Jade one of the BIG iG faces to the site, but I don’t know… maybe […]

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..:: iG Art Scraps Three ::..

Back once more with some junky doodle ideas! These things have been sitting around for a while. Some I’m sure could be saved with some art, time and T.L.C. , but bugger it… Ada – Was tempted to fix this one but… hay maybe a fun idea / pose for a future image at least. […]

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..:: iG Art Scraps Two ::..

Another round of scraps and doodles from yester-year here… well… least their done with now and ignore and move on from this blip Misaki + Natsumi – Was going to be a twin thing going on, one being bigger and friendly while the other being more dominant… then came to the thing of it being […]

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..:: iGAPES Art Scraps One ::..

I had a choice while looking at these scribbles. They’re not worth spending what little time I have making them something better but may as well release them in a rubbish pile post for the hell of it than just binning them. You can see when the iGAPES logo and title tired to tie into […]

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