..:: iG Art Scraps Four ::..

Releasing these crude stylus fodder scraps from another time is interesting to see the ideas I put in back then, and maybe some ones I should like to use again in a better picture.

Jade – Was going to make Jade one of the BIG iG faces to the site, but I don’t know… maybe a reimagining one day. Loved the piercing ring through her lips and legs, making her gape while open legged / pulled while walking…. I need to redo her again, but better / different. (oh, any typos on 2nd version, keep to yourself, I no care ^^)

Cintiq – The first doodle I did with my new cintiq tablet back in the day. Actually the pose is a fun one… wasn’t bad at all for a first proper attempt of getting used to it.

N.S. Navel Void – A commission piece that fell through, and almost a little too much for me in truth… but yeah, you want pussy gaping unable to work with how hips work… here ya go!

Non-Bulge Gape Doodles – Nothing for playing around on a character (may see here at some point in another way) but yeah… was asked to do gapes again, non bulge or pumped, so… had a go on these doodles.

Rose Mod – Rose still may come out but this caption comic is years over due, still… one day maybe… In the mean time a fan wanted a dual pussy thing going on… so I doodles on her as a example how it could look.


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