..:: iGAPES Art Scraps One ::..

I had a choice while looking at these scribbles. They’re not worth spending what little time I have making them something better but may as well release them in a rubbish pile post for the hell of it than just binning them.

You can see when the iGAPES logo and title tired to tie into something else. Still has a few variations, but decided to leave that idea well alone over time.

With this can put some to bed and focus more on the new ones – and maybe pause for throught over a few of these doodles, who knows? Somebody may like?

Ayaka – This was another one that could have done with some attention, but after M for mentals bitchin’ animation of her; I kind of… felt it was his creation now, so. Still futa gaper idea is fun…

Sinthya – Wanted this one where she’d gone too far, pushed her body to be too much a sex toy and is deformed, her pussy slack and hanging without form, only semi held by her clothes. Fun one… just not worth any outlining.

Julia – Liked this one almost as it is… from the long nipples coiled in her swim ware to the plaster on her face and the pose is fun… but this was an idea only and never get further. Oh, somebody did a cap too too her, so not to waist it…

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