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Still working hard in the background again over here. Will hopefully have something for you lovely people soon. Putting some solid effort in on this one! In the mean time have just a few bits to give you as you all wait. Good times!

Cymic44 – I’ve come across a cool cat on the Discord group we’ve got set up [and you should pop on too when you can!]. with some effort and skills we have a rather fun program CG called Honey Select that we’ve managed to bend somewhat too our will. Cymic44 has done some solid work already and with humble suggestions from me we’ve managed to make some fun stuff and just getting started.

CG Models – I’ll link to this 1st large story CG pack and a few examples of other works here – but for more of them, then check out the discord to see more awesome content like this! The pack to download is -> Miu’s Transformation Diary– ALSO He’s on discord if you want to give feedback at all.

Extra Content Poll – You know me and polls, you know I can’t but help find them SUPER interesting and been a very useful tool to know what you crazy kids want – Well heres another below. Thank you all for helping me out by voting in these!

What extra content (main art aside) do you want MOST from this site? (One vote only)

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Poll Terms? – Quick explain if you don’t understand –  RP or Roleplay,  is like cybersex really, cept it goes more into fiction and typed up mini story / setting hopefully enough to have your partner enjoy it. If she enjoys it, others may enjoy reading the logs too? //// As for the video creations, might be a sped up video or stream showing off how content is done. Hopefully inspiring, but but the final product takes time and watching me fail and waste time maybe not your jam.

Story – ALSO, lastly, ended up getting an email out the blue by a random soul promoting a story. It’s one I sadly have shown off before and is on the site, but I’d like to say a thanks for the effort whoever you are. If you or anybody else who wants to help out randomly like this, then by all means feel free to send anything gape related like this my way in email or discord. Link of that story is here – The Enlargment Spell – Cheers, Sius

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