..:: iGAPES – H.S.E. 002-6 Lillian, Becoming Untouchable ::..

Lillian, once a humble office worker who gains a destiny with her expanding vagina on her unnatrually sexualised  body… an image set with captions tell of her tale to be told!


Notes: So after the success of the main mock girl (and knowing this worked) I decided to take advantage of the greatest thing that Honey Select can offer which was speed in production, but also then being able to harness a sequence which takes too long to do at a high quality with drawn work and this solved that problem and even at the start of learning HS I was in deep and went hard on it.

As a treat I’ve compressed ALL images available into a file, many more than whats on show here and more kinks and fetishes included also – you’re welcome. >> DOWNLOAD ALL IMAGES THIS SEQUENCE <<

ALL These where created for and supported by Patreon and it’s amazing supporters – please consider joining to help make more going forwards – Thank you ^_^

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


Part Four


Part Five


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