..:: Story – The Demon Hunters ::..

So this one was suggested to me and highlighted by a viewer (many thanks my friend) and anybody else who has anything like this (story, art or anything else related to the subject) they want to show off is most welcome to do so in kind. Don’t be shy to say get in touch ^^

Instead of posting the chapters on here, I’ll just pass the link to you and hopefully go from there.


Quick synopsis – It’s all magical in nature with a demon hunters that get power from a sigils tattooed on them. The riskier the place they put it, the more power they get from it and also makes said place grow if it is risky. Our main character got her on her uterus so it is hanging out of her vagina and is pretty huge and stretchy. Pretty unique idea for sure ^^

Hopefully something for people here – won’t be for all, but worth a try.

In other news, new CG coloured work coming soon, so look out for that. Thanks once more for your patience!

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