..:: Story – Still Tight, Origins (Birthday Exposure) by Kitty ::..

The original work by Kitty or Slutkitty has a special place in my heart as being one of the few who went in deep and put kinky fetish into flowing words. I love it – find it  >> HERE <<

It came to my attention recently that she did indeed continue writing after she’d sent me the story and theres more of it here. Kitty has sadly dropped off the web, so while asking her about it I’ve gotten nothing since. I’ll take a chance and show off her words for the rest of you unless something is said.

As it reads, heres how things get to the point they are in the original. Fun to be sure, but I loved how just balls to the wall intense the original was. Still very much worth a read ^^


..::.. Still Tight, Origins By Kitty ..::..

When I met Adam I think we were truly in love. At the beginning, I don’t think neither of us knew much about our own sexuality, or could have imagined where those urges would eventually take us when they were unlocked.

We were cringingly cute, very typical high-school sweethearts. Innocent kids from a small town, very much in love and totally in the dark about the big bad world. We were both virgins when we met and personally I wanted to keep it like that until we were married. Adam was less keen on that than I was but he was happy to wait.

But then we grew up, graduated and it was time to go to college. I got a place at a prestigious place miles away from home and Adam didn’t want to stand in my way. We didn’t want to be parted either so in the end we decided we’d go together – he’d get a job and help support me through me studies. Then, when I got my degree I’d get a much better job and support him right back. It was the perfect plan. Loved up and excited to be away from home, we started thinking differently. Having our own flat and living together very quickly meant the idea of staying virgins wasn’t going to last. Within weeks of moving in, I told him I wanted to sleep with him.

Nervous, I ended up drinking a lot of wine before he got home from work to prepare. I shaved my pussy, put on my nicest underwear, sprayed too much perfume and waited. When Adam came home, I surprised him. As soon as he saw me he got hard, I could see his huge erection straining against his pants. My palms sweated in fear and anticipation. I’d seen his cock but never touched it, let alone imagined somehow taking it inside me. But as soon as I reached into his boxers and grabbed hold of it, something inside me was unlocked.

I felt myself get instantly wet at how my small hand couldn’t reach round his girth. I fell to my knees and, to his obvious surprise, tried to get it into my mouth. I had to stretch my mouth wide to get it in and it hurt my face a bit, but I loved having so much flesh inside me. I licked and sucked, trying hard to get it deeper into my narrow throat each time. He began to groan and grind, grasping my head and pushing making me gag.

I couldn’t wait any long and pushed him onto the bed, straddling him and guiding his cock towards my wet pussy. I sat on it eagerly and was shocked by the stab of pain as it broke my hymen. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked, concerned. I just nodded and tried to continue. It was enormous and painful to get even the tip in. But with the hymen out of the way and lots of natural lube I managed to stretch myself over him. It was electric. It hurt but the sensation of being stretched, and feeling so full, made me so horny. I tried to push down further, taking another inch or so in.

That was almost too much. I tried to ride him but the size invading me and my own inexperienced made my movements awkward. I could feel him getting frustrated so I pulled myself off him and looked into his eyes: ‘Fuck me’. He’d never heard me speak like that and was obviously shocked but he was also mad horny. Almost out of control, like I’d woken something in him too, he jumped up and grabbed me by my hips. I’d meant for him to be on top of me missionary so I could see his face but there was no stopping him now.

He placed his thick cock at the entrance of my almost untested pussy and pushed hard. With a yelp I felt the shaft barge my lips out of the way, break through my tight opening and stretch me all the way to my back wall. The tightness drove him crazy and he started pounding me with his monster cock. The stretching was even more intense now I had no control, and my pussy was completely filled with him. Every thrust banged on my cervix painfully but it was too lost in the moment to care. I tried to reach behind to feel how my pussy had accomplished such a seemingly impossible task.

My lips felt so stretched and thin round his dick, and I was leaking juice everywhere in my lust. But most shocking was feeling his dick – even when he was tapping my back wall there were still a few inches protruding from my hole. How much further would he stretch me if it went all the way in? I didn’t get to find out as he came quickly – years of pent up hunger for my tight body overflowing. I ran to the bathroom, a bit embarrassed and spent what felt like hours trying to get all his cum out of me. There seemed so much!

From then on, we both wanted to fuck nearly all the time. I was addicted to feeling stretched by his big dick, and he was turned on by my seeming sluttiness, desperate to have his dock inside me all the time. But something began to happen – my tight little pussy stopped feeling so stretched, stopped seeing so full. It felt empty when I wasn’t being fucked and, even as I was being fucked hard, it didn’t feel stretched anymore.

I goaded Adam into fucking me harder, hoping his thrusting would stretch me out more. To begin with it worked. He slammed his cock in me harder and harder, pounding my cervix and back wall until the were pushed back, stretching my passage to accommodate more of him. But the pleasure was short lived, my cunt adapting quickly until it could easily take his whole dick, right up to the balls.

It was tough on Adam too. He started with all the pleasure of me being tightly wrapped round his cock, squealing with pleasure. But now, I was no longer clinging to his cock and squeezing it with my tight walls. Worse, he could tell I was not as turned on as I used to be and began to feel humiliated that he could please me like he used to. I felt embarrassed by my new looseness, embarrassed that my young pussy wasn’t as tight as it should be, and embarrassed by my own lust for something bigger.

One night, it came to a head. Lost in the moment as Adam fucked me from behind I couldn’t stop myself from shouting ‘More, more!’ even though I knew he was already balls deep in my hole. ‘I’ll give you more you little slut,’ he suddenly shouted, pulling out and leaving me with that typical, frustrated, empty feeling. Instantly he pushed three fingers into my well-fucked pussy.

Wet and wide as I had become, I took them easily. But then he pushed a fourth in, deep, and began to tuck his thumb under. Suddenly I felt stretched again, more stretched than ever. ‘Stop’ I murmured but he could tell from the tremble in my voice and they way my hips pushed back against him that I didn’t really want him too.

He pushed harder, forcing my pussy to open up more and more, until finally it swallowed his hand up to the wrist. He knelt there, dumbstruck, looking at his hand lost inside my greedy hole, while I bucked and whimpered in pleasure and pain, fuller than I imagined possible. The stretch was too intense and I begged him to pull it out. It hurt as he did, my abused hole being widened again on the way out, but as soon as his hand slurped free, I felt that emptiness again.

I was ashamed to feel desperate to have it back inside me. Adam meanwhile stared at my once tight pussy. Now, it was a hole that wasn’t closing up. Even empty, it gaped open as if begging for more. Seeing that, something inside him was awoken too. From that moment on he enjoyed stretching me even more than I enjoyed being stretched.

Our newly discovered obsessions quickly impacted on my studies. I started skipping class, or falling behind in my assignments, in order to spend more time with Adam, having my pussy stretched. I was going from a bright, promising undergraduate to a slacker but, for the time being, I didn’t care. All I could think about was how empty my hole felt, and how good it felt to have it filled up.

We faced another problem though. My pussy was loosening up again. To begin with, I couldn’t have his whole hand inside me for more than a few seconds, the feeling was so intense and painful. Before long though he could fist fuck me roughly and I wouldn’t feel completely satisfied. Adam also began treating me differently.

Since neither of us got much pleasure from pussy-fucking he began to use my ass and mouth more. I got pretty good at deep-throating him as my oesophagus loosened up like my pussy did. My ass went through exactly what my pussy did. To begin with it was deep, intense pain and extreme stretching as his huge cock broke in a hole that wasn’t naturally made to be fucked. But each time we did it, the sensations became less and less intense as my anus and back passage stretched and widened to accommodate him.

When he could no longer please his cock even with my asshole, his pride became seriously dented. He began to call me ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ more often and treat me more and more like a piece of meat. He enjoyed degrading me and his obsession with stretching my holes became more intense. He began to photograph his work on my holes and sell the pics to fisting fans online. Even though I could tell this was unhealthy, I let him continue, partly because he kept my face out of the pictures and we needed the money (I always felt guilty that he was still paying my way even though I rarely attended my college classes). But mostly, because I wanted the stretching, full sensations to continue.

Soon he needed to use both his hands to make me feel stretched in either of my holes, and he insisted on me sucking him off several times a day. The looser my pussy got, the more lube I seemed to produce which only increased my shame and encouraged him to see me as a desperate slut. I still enjoyed the stretching but I started to become worried about the state of my pussy. The hole became wide and gaping while my lips became slack and saggy. Once Adam realised this he began to tease me about it.

Then one day, he came home with a pussy pump. I don’t even know how he heard about it – I didn’t know such things existed. He delighted in placing the cup over my cunt and pumping mercilessly until by lips were swollen and bloated. Then he’d spank my wet, meaty pussy and make me beg to be fisted, which I always did.

The repeated pumping had a similar effect to my stretching and my poor pussy never recovered, always needing more and more extreme methods to meet mine and Adam’s desires. Gradually I was losing control of my body and I was too needy and horny to stop it. I had acquired a fan base online from the anonymous pictures Adam posted and they goaded him on with more and more unreasonable demands and grotesque imaginations. He began stretching my urethra and even my cervix, finding new ways to up the intensity. As my labia became more swollen and saggy he started experimenting with saline injections, forcing the liquid into my lips until they were too swollen to close my legs.

I was ashamed and horrified at what my body was becoming, but I needed the sensations too bad to make him stop. The muscles in my pussy became so worn and stretched that I could feel some moving inside me as I walked. My urethra became so big I had to wear a small butt-plug all day to keep my pee in. My cavernous cunt constantly dripped juices into my panties. I was a freak and I couldn’t stop. Adam finally realised he could probably make money off my ruined slut body by putting me in porn. I couldn’t say no. I dropped out of college completely and followed him into the studio…

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