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I had forgotten how much I love the reminder of feedback of polls and how fab it is to have people vote and help me out with this. So I’ve done its own post while I tidy up some art work and know how to shape some new material going forwards. As always, a moment of your time goes such a long way and helps out big time! As always, thanks a whole bunch for your votes!

How often do you check this website for new content?

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The poll below is more the pinnacle of what you hope to see in the character in the art or maybe text that goes along with a sequence. Only one answer, so read and pick which sounds best to you.

MENTAL CHANGE - Which mindset do you like characters to develop more / into as she stretches (regardless of size) the most?

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And the below is a hard one maybe to answer, but if you’ve seen any transformation sequence or growth image sets, if you had me do one, which do you think would be best, how’d you like to read it?

For information ‘Dynamic’ poses here are more like dojin pages or movement panels / images and ‘Posed’ images are closer to my normal image styles, full paged and full viability of girl.

GROWTH SEQUENCE DESIRE - What do you hope to see in a good growth set sequence (regardless of size changed / big or small)

  • Just a few pages later and she was huge! - The most 'fun' levels of change, showing a few off (Focus on several key stages and showing them off by static + dynamic poses) (31%, 9 Votes)
  • I saw it happen before my eyes - Multiple images showing how one growth stage happens and her changes. (one big impactful dynamic + posed developments in a chapter / pack) (24%, 7 Votes)
  • My, how she's changed - Shots over a time of total development (Both posed and dynamic Two or so images shows her changes at major milestones) (24%, 7 Votes)
  • Every moment in time - One pose at every stage, less flowing but every key size shown (single pose images, close to standard site images) (21%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 29

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