..:: A Retrospective Contemplation ::..

Hay all…. so with the start of the new year of 2020 I review and get very reflective like many people and so this is a prime time to talk, get things out and chat a bit more. It’s something I need to do, want to do and am sorry I’ve not done as much as I should have.

It’s a time to be honest and also maybe course correct if needs be and sort myself out going forwards.

In terms of the site and releasing art I have to confess and say that maybe 2019 was the worst year so far. That feels bad to type that and know this is a truth ¬_¬ . I didn’t overly post much and I’ve been quiet on here and also on discord. It just was a year not much get out to you folk. This needs to change.

But why, why has this happened? … Well a few things (much I’m unable to go into detail on), but the main one was that I’ve been saving up for a big release (more on this soon upcoming post) but also I’ve developed bad habits, lack of organisation and ended up honestly in a bit of a funk and a dower mood. Anxious that I’m unable to make great work and deliver and comparing myself to fellow artistic masters and peers I can’t hope to match was a horrid new one to have gained too.

I also had a maybe too easy a year too, was too easy on myself and not forced as much as I should have too. I think without purpose and reason and drive I’ve become very…. easily distracted and not putting as much time into it as I should. I’ve done other things and this excessive pawn art has been reduced as a result. There is so much other shit you just don’t want or need to hear too.

Add on personal things like getting ample free time to draw and silence and quiet around to craft such things is a challenge still. It’s the same old thing for me it’s not super easy to just bang out these quickly (It can easily go double figures in truth, 15 hrs + ) and be done with it.

Real effort goes into it but conditions need to be right too – feels like stars aligning at times. Now this is not to say I don’t work and haven’t done much of anything in the last year (far from it!). I’ve on refection made some really great images, some of my best work and I’m very proud of them. I just need to finish off some off 100% or colour them and they will be ready to roll!

With this I’m determined to fix it in 2020 and going forwards. In a way the goals of 2019, but hopefully with the commitment it deserves and more luck getting the time to make it fall into place.

Big things are on the horizon. Things that’ll keep me true and honest I hope and release quality and consistency. In short like everybody else I’ll be releasing a patreon (as I’ve mentioned and have been holding off on releasing till now) but this will have great results going forwards (more than they are now). I’ll talk more about it in another post.

So let’s review my goals and hopes and such :-

  • Personally be content knowing my place and accept my ‘average’ ability, not to over panic and accept what I CAN do but craft unique bespoke content even if made slowly but that maybe okay – you’ll enjoy the content and helps it’s unique.

  • Art work COMPLETED on and in time, released as best I can and boxing projects off (helped by the patreon time to deliver per month)

  • PHOTOMANIPULATIONS to return and be worked on

  • Released Reactions / FUTANARI images to return (after maybe 10 years!)

  • WIP (Work in production) content released (again to force me to complete it) on discord.

  • More COMMNICATION and releases on websites / discord.

  • More EXPERIMENTATION with roughs, live Streams and other media.

(Oh yeah, I also need to get the other part of that story done soon too – I’ve not forgotten)

Again, sorry it’s been a long time coming, I’m still here and lets get back on this horse!

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