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AWWWWWW, bugger!! Out of time once again!! Gaahhhh!

So sorry, another week has slipped by without that story. I ended up working more on it and fleshing it out more and well…. some re-writes and some RL stuff getting in the way and, fuck, it’s Sunday again! (edit: not anymore buddy, it’s very much Monday ¬_¬) But know I’ve had some time and have been working on bits for sure all the same unlike not been able to for the last few weeks.

My plan is to get this out sooner than later, (as it’s already a week behind schedule already) so sorry about that. Hopefully its worth the wait! I also did a gaper image as a warm up after been unable to draw much over 3 weeks away and… that has come out great, but I’ve been fighting hard with photoshop to play nice and do what it needs to do (Sigh) . Little annoying for sure.

I’ve also been reviewing the Patreon page and what I can offer and deliver and also plans for things I can do, what’s expected and well… I’m getting some good ideas together and hope to start to give some more details before long. It’s happening (until it’s not I guess ^^) but I’d rather do it right and get the right content out, what is expected and high quality for the investment and support.

I’ve also had to do some futanari / released reactions.com content, and it’s been a while since my last ones. Super fun to do futa and weird stuff like that again after all this time. Shit, it’s crazy how little time it takes to do right (in some ways anyhow) VS. oversized gaper art. Hopefully not all will mind too much crossing over to other kinks once in a while.


I’m thinking of doing a girl for the Patreon almost like a progressive transformation over time. Woooo. Having her be a repeating character and having her stretch and grow and all sorts and feedback from the community how she changes in the long run. But as I was putting ideas together with poses and ideas it hit me that I’ve not asked people the stretching gape (tightness) versus size question, and better make sure my content is in line with expectations. And the 2nd poll is something that hit me, I don’t think I’ve ever much asked about it.

Pump Vs. Stretching - Tough choice, which is the most fun an idea to you?

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There are no wrong answers, just the BEST answers

So in short I’ve set it so it has 2 sizes, and 1 with 3 stretching tiers. It’s more for how tight and slack it is, and how fun and fantasy pussies their are with that vs more grounded and slightly more real people want to see.

For ‘large’ the size is variable, it could be as big as a melon all the way up to a mountain… that doesn’t matter too much here. For ‘small’ it means more normal stretched sizes maybe up to a melon swollen flesh size.

I’ve done plenty of wide open pussies, but not enough tight ones… I do these pussies big and angry and swollen usually…. but sometimes the idea that they are both HUGE and TIGHT is something I may have overlooked. Help a porn artist out, give your poll vote if you can.

Long, flat pussy lips (non pumped) Check

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AND we have a 2nd poll. This one just hit me as I was doing the last poll, but really it is it’s own separate question. A pussy design I don’t often do… but… maybe fun to mix it up ad add it. However, how do you feel about it?

I’ve attached a nasty 10 minute doodle attached to kinda get my point across – show how it may look or the theme of it. If this was done properly and right (a neat and tidy version of this), would you be interested in it? It’s the ‘curtains’ lips pussy design, heavy and droopy but loose and gaped. I’ve picked a large size for the example, but could be bigger or smaller. Wish I had more time for a side on view with it trailing behind and more obvious.

The idea of the design is that it can be lifted, wrapped around, or trail behind her while of course having her be able to insert a sizeable amount – might need to work on showing that with a more dominantly obvious mons vaginally enlarged area, still work to be done it seems.

Anyhow, vote please please, so sorry about the story, hoping mid week as mentioned and thanks again! – Sius

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