..:: News Roundup + New Mass Poll (25.03.2017) ::..

Hay Hay hyper gape fans,

Figured I’d not posted a illustration on the site for a little bit and wanted to speak out what’s going on and highlight things.

Project – So working hard on putting pieces together for a little something something in the pipeline that’s taken a fair bit of my time. It’s coming along slow but nicely at the same time. Still a little ways before I explain the details some more, but know I’m working hard to deliver something cool and special. Can’t wait to be further in and show it off.

Help Again – Above I’m still humbly still asking for help with another person or two to contact me if you at all can. Just have a look above if your interested – and thank you ^_^

Mass New Polls – I LOVE these polls because I can keep upto date what the current kinks and wants and desires my fans want to see in new art over time – that I can then draw.

Each poll has different list of fetishes. Vote in all four polls, and pick your favourate from each! – ALSO, it may look like it didn’t work or is ‘processing’ the vote, but it has worked (its just a bit jank) Thank you as always for voting.

Hyper Gaper Fetish List One - Pick Your ONE MOST Desired Fetish Below

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Hyper Gaper Fetish List Two - Pick Your ONE MOST Desired Fetish Below

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Hyper Gaper Fetish List Three - Pick Your ONE MOST Desired Fetish Below

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What Personality Trait Do You Like Most In A Character Gaper?

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Fairytale Princess Poll Results –  I consider this one a success, people voting on something little abstract – once more, thanks to you all for voting, does help out and you’ll be seeing art as a result before long.

Parody Princesses - Which one would you like to see get the iGAPES treatment?

  • Jasmine - On one Arabian night a magic wish goes too far! (30%, 24 Votes)
  • Rapunzel - Tangled from Long beautiful hair, something else may overgrow too! (20%, 16 Votes)
  • Ariel - Part woman, part fish (part something else?) Maybe not so little ?! (19%, 15 Votes)
  • Elsa - A Frozen ice queen. Did she let her pussy go? (18%, 14 Votes)
  • Mulan - Asian 'Princess' that might need more than to dress up to hide her new body! (14%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

Delivery – The art will be in my own style and while influenced by common designs they are not 1:1 same styles / looks of the popular versions out there. It’ll save it from being TOO weird but also a little expressive freedom as they are open fairytales first. Almost seems a shame to kinkify them with hyper vaginas… but I want to link it in an odd way.

Results – Personal thoughts on what we got…

Jasmine – Somewhat surprised to see her do as well as she did. Maybe the setup with the genie / djinn helped, but people sure want this the most. Stand out winner!
Rapunzel – Prob the one I wanted to win the most. I always loved the fairytale and seems like a girl growing ‘hair’ would grow other ways too. Plans for this too.
Ariel – So close! Arial would have been my number 2 pick. Still I have a fun twisted and warped subversion of the idea of mermaids in mind for something… (yes you should worry ^^)
Elsa – Bottom of the mid three at the end. some part of me is sad, as I’d almost take a little joy in warping this one…. ¬_¬ Get you another time!
Mulan – Actually pleased to see her do as well as she did! good try. Always a soft spot for this one…. but I draw enough Asian like girls in my designs, so no great loss I guess.

Story – I ALSO have a story added here that continued from one of my facourates in ages. I wish Kitty still did more… but alas…. – Read and enjoy below.

..:: Story – Still Tight, Origins (Birthday Exposure) by Kitty ::..

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again soon! – Sius

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