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Hay Everybody, it’s just your hyper mega XL pussy lovin’ artist Sius here once again. It has been a an age…. like a real long while (and throughout it it has been a very turbulant few years that isn’t calming down at all recently too) and so hope your doing exceedingly all well!! We have new stuff coming up – the wait is over, thank you for your patience… please read on folks!

TL;DR -I have a spare day to post and prepare, content posted now but may come and go over time. Commissions available once again! Will see about posting some older Patreon content soon for free, heavily consider my patreon if you like what you see ^_^ Please enjoy!

I’d like to start with an apologies for this increasable long wait between posts. It has been too long but I also know this may happen down the road again as it can’t be helped. I’ve as time of writing gained a small break from working near flat out on content (which takes a crazy long time to do and do well) and living my real life time can be hard come by.

My patreon can be very time consuming / punishing for me at times to hit deadlines and get all gapers and futanari based content completed and out at the standard I want – but the results are always worth the hours spend it each piece. I put serious time into it, and hopefully you’ll see the fruits of my labours soon!

I won’t dwell on grovelling, apologising and justifying the absence of time on here as my limited time has to be Patreon focused first and there isn’t much time for here once I’m done I find. Maybe a thing to balance out going forwards on refection but I wouldn’t hold too your breath on this being fixed anytime soon.

Crafting extremely excessive, high quality and unique fetishes including SO MUCH gaping and hyper pussy content can be found over there including some material that just can’t be released here or will have huge range of versions in art packs. Please consider supporting me to see more of this unique, hard to come by and special content. However I maybe able to release some older content on here for you all to enjoy.

It’s been nice to finally set a release on this material over the next month or so. Not all will be released or may have to be reduced (mostly in the art area) but I’ll give you as much as I can – but for more and higher quality works, more of them and supporting me and helping me make more the patreon is the place for you.

I’m currently looking to maybe show off more content from my recent hybrid creations of Honey Select Edits (H.S.E.s) and my gaper photomanipulations edits mostly. I’ll try and drop some art work in where I can, but that will be in more limited quantity right now. I’m still deciding what is best to release my art but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Just know I will try and release it for sure, but some modified versions maybe the compromise till I come to a conclusion.

Commissions are BACK! – I’ve not taken many these last few years for reasons but I think I’m as of time currently available. I’ll update my commissions page with if spaces are available and you want something special and unique that takes advantage of my gaper / futanari excess and style for yourself! Check the linked page for more details!

I have dreams of updating my mostly futanari themed old website at Released Reactions.com also when I get some more spare time. So if you like the hermaphrodite / weird content also there maybe in time be free / older patreon content released on that website. And while I can’t make any promises as I write it’s something I’ve started to make light work on and hope may see the light of day sometime.

It’s also an opportunity to remind you fine people that I have a Discord space for like minded people who post futanari / gaper human and furry content (each separated and distinct) and there has been great to see other content like this posted there regularly. We have a quiet but passionate little group there, so if you want more smut like this found by others then check the  >>> Discord group here <<< . Feel free to use our group on there OR message me if you have something to ask – just please talk normally and have a reason to talk if you do.

I’ve also had a few troubles in RL which may mean a little less time on some of the art and content made, but I’m dealing with it as I go. Anybody following me maybe would be good to have that knowledge that I may have to do alternative things from time to time to fit everything in but I’m dedicated to making things go as best I can.

Well that’s all for now. This post maybe pinned to the main page for a while in hopes to getting peoples attention, so please don’t mind that and I may consider a quick skin change or logo update maybe as it has been the same thing for a long time now. I’ll try and space out these content releases but it’ll be new stuff on the way for a while at least and I hope you all enjoy it.

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