..:: Still Around ::..

Hay Hay all,

Just an update post here once more to say I’m chugging along with work behind the scenes on something for the site. Making progress in some areas, needs a fair bit more work again still before more details come out…. but just to say, you know…. I’m around and still working on stuff. Got something in mind to release ASAP, just need to add a dab of colour and such before she’d complete.

Also, the Discord iGAPES hangout / group is pleasingly going well and had some very useful things happen as well as some fun gaper art and activities on there so far – so yeah, again, please feel free to pop on in sometime when you can ^_^ >> JUST CLICK HERE <<

Aside from the usual, anybody who wants to get involved or can write or offer anything like that, as always drop me a line and I’d be most grateful and look forwards to hearing from you. Aside carry on being great and cheers for your support and interest as always ^^ Cheers! – Sius

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