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..:: Poll – Project Partner ::..

Project – I’ve been inspired to have a try at something, a project I recon that would do well again as a warm up for some proper big projects I polled about a little back and sets down the line. Still going mocks, see if it’ll work out – but could be kinda fun. It’ll […]

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..:: Round Up Post 10.04.2016 ::..

PICTURE – Let’s start the update with a touch of art – just because your pussy is overflowing, over grown and constantly running and leaking; doesn’t mean you can’t do a good job and a credit to your employer. A more grounded, knee scaled growth just to keep things in perspective this time. Taken a […]

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..:: New Poll + Update News ::..

Hay Crew – so a quick update to say hopefully have a new image or so coming in an update and bits soon, so watch this space for that very shortly. Working on a few fun ones ^^ Captions  – While a very kind person has come forwards to help with captions which is great […]

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..:: Poll – Gone Too Far? ::..

TL;DR version – Do you think my designs go too hardcore or weird or excessively ‘gape’ like, thus hurting the general big pussy appeal? Poll voting at bottom  – K, thanks! Okay… – start off, know this may ether come over as a moan or a whine (and I’m sorry), but I’m more curious than […]

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..:: Poll – AGEDDON ::..

TL;DR – Vote to help me out, k thanks! I forgot how much I love hearing from people with this feedback – really boosts me to work on new stuff and get it out!! Basically the response is been awesome so far – so thanks. I’m pushing my luck, can you have a vote on […]

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..:: Poll – Katrina’s Back Story ::..

Meet Katrina Fox – inspired by an old character called Foxy I did an age ago. I really liked the whole leather thing and also mimicked the pose and sur/name I gave her too – you know, coz! (lack of originality / homarge ¬_^) The image is a OLD and SMALL example, because I at […]

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