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Project – I’ve been inspired to have a try at something, a project I recon that would do well again as a warm up for some proper big projects I polled about a little back and sets down the line. Still going mocks, see if it’ll work out – but could be kinda fun. It’ll have some light world building, a little heart warming love story, drama, and a little extreme hyper gaping lewd and warped sexual love – you know that old number.

New Poll – Real simple, new content idea will have a gaper girl and a partner. Though the focus is on the gaper cutie, but text and maybe some of the art will have to depict a character she will be close to. I might have it so the persona is like the reader, or actually give them a face and a character, not decided but…

Question – Should the partner to the gaper be male or female? Please vote below ^_^

ROMANTIC COUPLES - A cutie gaper girl finds somebody who she likes, but their gender is...

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