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PICTURE – Let’s start the update with a touch of art – just because your pussy is overflowing, over grown and constantly running and leaking; doesn’t mean you can’t do a good job and a credit to your employer.

A more grounded, knee scaled growth just to keep things in perspective this time. Taken a while to clock this old piece off (RL once more) but finally got there. Enjoy!

PROJECT – I’ve gotten SO many ideas for the pack that I write down now its been on hold for so long but still not decided EXACTLY the theme. Still deciding what themes would be best to do to compliment my style and deliver the best as a paid pack. There is NO DOUBT I want to do the day in the life of a gaper project, feel I could do some great stuff on it but….not sure I’m at that level right now to do it right.

So I’ve decided to do another while I get my chops up to do that last one justice. I feel if I was to try now I’d bung it up. So something a little more streamlined to get me ready to roll when the time comes. From the last poll I’ve seen many people want more content than quality (60/40 split) and that is numbers I can use, so big thank you for your votes.

POLLEXCESS – New poll below to see what people want and how far I should push the boat out /now odd and strange you like it to go to? The results maybe used differently, instead of a ‘winner’ more a like a ratio of how far I should / could push the button and maybe consider the heavier the vote is on something the more pictures there will be at that level.

SO NOTE, this isn’t SO much about size of the gapes and their swollen mons, this is all about how strange and maybe excessive you want to see the content. I can always go further or pull it back some if people want that. I’ll cater to what the crowd demands. So whats the break down? – well top of my head I’m picturing GENERAL (ball park as examples) things like….

EXCESS/ STRANGE - How normal weird and silly would you like the content to go in the next project? Notes below poll....

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Stable) Normal girls with large pussies. Ranging from just beyond human reach stretched gapes to all the way to the floor, but everything in its place as it should be. Big breasted and naturally engorged sizes but limited kinks and strange/

Slightly Unusual) Adding a few kinks at this general level. Clits blooming like a bulb or light penile shaped clits. Piercings. Elongated or inverted fuckable nipples. A few things, no too extreme.

Strange) Getting to the weird stuff. Clits raging like a melon ball shape or heavy vast cock styled ones drooping outwards with girth and length (or maybe long but thin?). Multiple nipples growth. Prolapsed cervix. Fuckable urethra gape possible. Random but limited growths if needs be.

Over the Top) Balls to the wall-  Multi vagina cunts/ nipples / breasts / clits and more. Monster prolapses.  Additional pussies (i.e. under armpits or inside naval). Clits like a monster slong dragging on the floor. Nipple cunts with clit hoods. Anal collapse / prolapse. vast sagging breasts. Monster long or droopy nipples. clit tongues…. no limit on the strangeness if needed.

Naturally not every image will have ALL of these things, it’ll be pick and mix depending what will work best, but I like to know my limits and not make people uneasy, OR generally see what the audience here likes Vs. my Released Reactions old art works (no limit on strange)

Vote please for what you’d like to see and I’ll work with the results for best…. results…. errrr… yes.

Thank you for your patience and time and support once more you lovely people, Cheers! More news at ten *bong* this has been your Sius artist, signing off for now…

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