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Artists show off their handy work

..:: iGAPES – Mari, Plugged In ::..

Recently I was delighted to be commissioned to produce a image of Mari from ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ and was tasked with having Mari in her plug suit as a massive pumped gaper and wired up and heavily pierced too. My client has good taste it seems! They have permitted me to post the works here, […]

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..:: Foundation Collection Feedback + Small Sizes Poll ::..

Hay all, So no main art today as the original backlog has dried up and I’ve not had too much time to go deep into my old art and do what I did with the other pieces (I know, sorry sorry ^^) So firstly just gotta throw out just how pleased I am with the […]


..:: iGAPES – Narumi Five (Foundation Collection) ::..

  Narumi Five – Created November 2010 The final image of Narumi in the old backlog, but a fun one to go out on. This one is called ‘Time of the month’ and was going to detail with a little caption how unlike female ‘star’ month or menstrual cycle period was different for gapers, which […]

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..:: iGAPES – Narumi Four (Foundation Collection) ::..

  Narumi Four – First Released October 2010 >_< This one makes me a touch sad… the idea is fine but soo much doesn’t play too its strengths and while it MAY look better with some colour I kinda hate it…. Obviously the beachball was meant to be inserted and maybe the pool side was […]

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..:: iGAPES – Narumi Three (Foundation Collection) ::..

  Narumi Three – First Created October 2010 Bit of a mixed bag on here… O_0. Good idea…. but… yow….. So the bad with this one beyond the obvious points is that the idea of her squatting with her pussy, ether using is as a seat, maybe using a chair or more over the compression […]

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..:: iGAPES – Chrysanthemum (Foundation Collection) ::..

Chrysanthemum – Created October 2010 While only a doodle, I always loved this image and what it showed in a basic way. Again its almost a blessing that this rough early style provided but being able to put down my ideas and create a mountain of a pussy like this Alpha (the size for girls […]

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