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Artists show off their handy work

..:: iGAPES – Chrysanthemum (Foundation Collection) ::..

Chrysanthemum – Created October 2010 While only a doodle, I always loved this image and what it showed in a basic way. Again its almost a blessing that this rough early style provided but being able to put down my ideas and create a mountain of a pussy like this Alpha (the size for girls […]

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..:: iGAPES – Narumi Two (Foundation Collection) ::..

Narumi Two – First Created Sept 2010 Another shot of Narumi. It was sure looking like this was going to be a main girl I’d use. The side pose isn’t too bad actually and her dominating body came over well from this. Unlike the 1st image of being mostly ‘doodle’ rough, this one is outlined. […]

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..:: iGAPES – Narumi One (Foundation Collection) ::..

Narumi One – First created in Sept 2010 Narumi was going to be one of the earlier sudo character I’d have for the site before I decided not to restrict myself with the same character and be more free and easy in my designs. Interesting to see my thick areola nips here, my piercing kink […]

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..:: iGAPES – Cintiq Birth (Foundation Collection) ::..

Cintiq Birth – Created September 2009 The start of something. The doodle is a bland thing of bland, but in some ways this marked the start of something big. Prior I’d used a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet to draw with my art but it was crude (my old released reactions art should show that) and […]


..:: The Foundation Collection – In Brief ::..

So I’m finally getting around to doing what I said I would and release some of the older works I have. It’s enlightening and horrid at the same time now I’ve started…. but again, no point sitting on my hard drive doing nothing – so might as well be out there inflicting pain on others […]


..:: Another General Post + Poll ::..

Hay Everybody – Been a while, sorry about that! Thanks for hanging around, waiting for something new… So January was a very good month all in all and even excelled myself in key areas, both RL and clocking other aspects too and making improvements, slow as they maybe. Poll – Live Art Casts / Video […]

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