..:: iGAPES – Christmas Images 2017/18 ::..

Hayo and happy belated christmas to all! – so I have a treat, even if it’s a touch late being posted here on the site Vs. discord. I’ve gotten some art from this and last years (that I forgot to post on the site and was just on the discord server…. ¬_¬ sorry about that!)

I was lucky to even get the latest one done, took a touch longer than I’d throught and well I almost ran out of time completely – the dream of colouring it has completely been dashed, but hay, better something than nothing. Amazed it came together in time as I’d literal minutes to finish it yesterday! 0_o


Anyhow while I’m here I’ll cover that I’ve gotten plans for another image for end of year (all being well) but I’ll also address and update what’s happened and whats going on or plans for the future.

All in all 2018 has not been a year I can look back on with my art and works with much reverence and plans to correct going forwards as always. I’ll try and answer some questions and explain why and where I’ve gone wrong… and also what went right too.

As always, thanks a huge one for your patience and enjoy the content – Hope for more soon, but have a good one in the mean time all! – Sius

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