..:: iGAPES – Loosely Broken Beginnings ::..

Delayed getting this to the website (sorry Sunday updater-ers) but finally tis released.

This ones a little more ‘grounded’ of sorts compared to the more swollen mass of vagina and a little more still unrealistically huge gape – but sometimes going back to basics can be just as impactful!

I’m never sure how well these images go down as I’m known for the over the top and excess style and such, but I love being to be able to do these poses.

Funny enough this kind of thing with a massive ‘pumped / swollen’ vagina just looks lazy with a huge pussy and a head and legs poking out the sides and I don’t think it looks good at all so it’s nice to be able to get a more dynamic pose out there (more than just standing – a sadly common pose when dealing with excess size).

Anyhow I might do a little more with this one (CG?) I don’t know, but if not I’m pleased with it all the same if I can’t be bothered.

I’ve done a few mod’s and alt versions here with clothes, piercings / harness, mutational extra pussies and other bits so hopefully there is something you like the look of in the selection!

I also love doing more grounded ones because while I hope it inspires others to do more art and stories like this themselves and with other content I make…

… with these I hope that it might actually inspire other women who enjoy this kind of content to continue stretching or to maybe start this kink if they are on the edge of getting into it and it opens their hearts, minds and pussy to a fun new world. If any girl does, you’ll have to let me know on discord! I’d please me no end to know.

Anyhow, hoping to maybe get a story out Sunday (the one I promised for last Sunday) and February maybe a hit and miss month for content (got time for ar to be done but I have important events that require time to ‘work towards’ it being a success, so maybe a little quiet – but at least you know. – cheers, Sius



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