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Hello my lovely monster female genitalia loving people!

It’s been a good while since I posted anything here and damn, does it feel bad for the neglect. You have my deepest apologies for that and know that this week is going to be a ‘catch up’ week with going back and finishing off lost art to release soon.

HOWEVER with Streets of Rage 4 being announced a few days ago (like dude…. I can’t believe it! and also they better not fuck it up, lol) I figured I’d bust out a doodle for a little back ago that maybe…. appropriate for how more than ever, but don’t mind the lack of colour please.

So I’ve done a image of Blaze here with the iGAPES treatment (which is rare for me to use another character but I was inspired at the time – I guess from the bomber games ‘SoR Remake’ session) and decided to base her design a mix of SoR 1 Blaze (more Asian looking) and 2/3 Blaze (more western looking) and went for a blend between.




I’ve added a few versions as always, so pick the ones you like most I guess. I was also at the time thinking I might do some other girls from the set, like the Mona / Lisa (Blaze sister / clones) girls, Electra or a few more… I guess. They maybe bad, but they can still get some love too.

I’ll see how people enjoy this doodle or not with the thumbs up ratio and decide to do more girls from the set or not – but regardless, enjoy and here’s to a new release after 24 years or whatever it is for Streets of Rage!

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