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..:: iGAPES – Twang Wang 18 -> 21 ::..

Some time ago I did a random set of art pack called oddly Twang Wang (and really it was just the name top of my head when naming a file and thus it was born ~ don’t read too much into it! ^^) and as I was going my art inventory I noticed that these […]

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..:: Round Up Post 10.04.2016 ::..

PICTURE – Let’s start the update with a touch of art – just because your pussy is overflowing, over grown and constantly running and leaking; doesn’t mean you can’t do a good job and a credit to your employer. A more grounded, knee scaled growth just to keep things in perspective this time. Taken a […]

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..:: iGAPES – Elizabeth 01, The Benchmark ::..

  Elizabeth – The Benchmark. For when your companies try and pass off second rate devices, pleasure toys and cheap dildos, Elizabeth is one of many proud women who test, rate and give seals of approval or denial to – looking out for gapers everywhere of all shapes and sizes. A fun but also a […]

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..:: iGAPES – ‘Foxy’ Katrina 1 + 2 ::..

So currently the poll is running around here for the back story theme and such for this character and I’ve been watching it like a hawk to see what the people want, interesting results so far. As I wait for a few more to come on it I’m happy to post some neater versions of […]

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..:: iGAPES – Inspired 4C Girl ::..

4Chan? – On that good old infamous website a thread started about huge swelling vaginal regions and other fun stuff. Some artist eventually got involved and few a few images, and inspired me to do some of the character they have started off using. So I present to you my doodle from that post – […]

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..:: iGAPES – Izumi (T.W.17) ::..

Izumi – I was frustrated with this one. The design was fun and came out… but it didn’t. If I had her at another angle or less busty it would have showed off her rings, and a splash of colour would show the swell of blood inside her pussy and how more angry it looks. […]

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