..:: iGAPES – Mari, Plugged In ::..

Recently I was delighted to be commissioned to produce a image of Mari from ‘Rebuild of Evangelion’ and was tasked with having Mari in her plug suit as a massive pumped gaper and wired up and heavily pierced too. My client has good taste it seems! They have permitted me to post the works here, so here we go!

It was a swine to CG this one because of the detail going on VS the time needed to put on it, but I really enjoyed working on it and making Mari natural obsession shine also in her body!

There are so many versions of this image (with / without wires, plug suit on / off / full, cervix in / out, with and without cum etc) that I’ve given the highlights here – love to show them all off but file sizes make that a problem (for now) But we have the highlights of the different versions just here.

Working more with PNGs as really I should here – so don’t mind the file sizes, but hay, can do cool things like backgroundless sprites. It’s the small things ^_^

As always drop a like (thumbs up below) if you enjoyed it would mean the world to me and maybe the client will hire me to do more…?

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