..:: iGAPES – Information Fun Pack 01 ::..

Answers to all the questions you where afraid to ask! Actually I was intending to just make this one just about hair growth and keep it to a seperate fun fact per image but as we’d be here all day and the limited rate I produce this stuff at, so heres your three in one combo!

Okay, so heads up on all the different version for you… We have breasts parted / moved to side and front facing versions of many most of the following. The ones with the text and dark background, I gave a tinted effect on the skin on the main and shiney no enviromental tint to her on the others below.

We also have cum and no cum versions, tidy pussy hair versions and even a faded body outline behind her breasts and pussy (to show the image sits on a framed body, not just floating flesh bits scribbled ontop [for them who care])

So ‘The Bump’, the last image before this one, you lovely fans voted to show support and I can’t begin to thank you all for that! It was solid motivation while getting back into CG’ing and knowing I’d not lost my touch, well that was great to know. You all rock and heres is another CG coloured image for your enjoyment!

Really pleased with this one again, looking forwards to doing more soon! As always a show of support with a thumbs up if you liked this goes so so far its hard to put into words. Got a few more ideas and poses in mind, however if you have any you want to know about or see then email away with suggestions. As always, Enjoy! Sius


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