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..:: With A Bang! ^_^ ::..

Start As We Mean To Go On – Quickly before I begin, wishing a happy new year to you all, let’s make it a good one huh ^_^ Plans as always with my art work, projects, and hopefully with some extra effort from me we can make this happen. Closer to really making big content […]

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..:: Polls Up The Wazoo ::..

I had forgotten how much I love the reminder of feedback of polls and how fab it is to have people vote and help me out with this. So I’ve done its own post while I tidy up some art work and know how to shape some new material going forwards. As always, a moment […]

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..:: Poll – Project Partner ::..

Project – I’ve been inspired to have a try at something, a project I recon that would do well again as a warm up for some proper big projects I polled about a little back and sets down the line. Still going mocks, see if it’ll work out – but could be kinda fun. It’ll […]

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..:: Poll – Future Project ::..

TL;DR – Poll below, please vote on one that’s most appealing. More details in section below. Goes towards a bigger project ultimately – K, thanks bye! **** Update – 07.02.16 *** – Checkup on the vote and great work so far – carry on voting, very interesting results! – cheers **** *** Updated 02.02.16 *** […]

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..:: Poll Stuff and News Bits ::..

‘Sex’ Poll Review – After giving it some time, I have to say the results of the poll where spot on. Thank you all for voting as you have and taking the time to do so. I don’t ask lightly this question as it is personal, so that fact anybody answers really means a lot, […]


..:: New Poll + Update News ::..

Hay Crew – so a quick update to say hopefully have a new image or so coming in an update and bits soon, so watch this space for that very shortly. Working on a few fun ones ^^ Captions  – While a very kind person has come forwards to help with captions which is great […]

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