..:: Ask a Size Queen – Jools A.M.A. ::..

Jools A.M.A. – A few months back I was contacted by Jools, a size queen and now close friend of the site. You can read the Interview here. Anyhow she is willing to try something new, she wants your questions for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) – and while she may not answer everything she certainly wants people to ask her direct questions and hear your thoughts.

People – Being the awesome and lovely viewers you all are, we’d like to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if you have just a passing curious interest in the fetish, a starting up as a stretcher yourself, a seasoned gaper or just some bod who wants a burning question answered – All are welcome.

Questions – Your welcome to ask as many questions as you’d like in as much detail as you need – just be aware anything stupid, too sensitive, too insensitive, or crossing the line won’t be touched. Otherwise its fair game really. It maybe a good idea to check the original interview once again to see if anything has been answered, so please consider that.

Experience – So to recap, Jools has been stretching for some time and now is on some of the largest toys in the market. She has experience from the start and how she began but also has gone deep and is very much advanced as a serious gaper (even more so than my original interview by the sounds of it!) so again, guys and girls here is a solid opportunity that won’t come across too often.

Date – I will keep this post up till the end of July (generally) so you have a few weeks to see this message. Be sure to ask the questions while you still can!

Contact – While originally going to be a live chat, I felt people would want to remain anonymous due to the subject matter, so we are making it Email contact for now. SO send your email to…


…. and we hope to have a post on the site with the answers shes willing to give. – Enjoy the opportunity and thanks, Sius

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..:: New Content On Hold & Upcoming Content ::..

Art? – So hay people quick heads up, this time I’ve missed my spot to update and get new or backlogged art out this weekend. A little too busy in truth and think a pause it needed regardless in the content to reflect.

WHAT! – Now now, no need for them touches and pitchforks! A little mercy I beg please ^_^ But honestly up to now I’ve made a okay start I think with some of this stuff and pleased to finally get it out. Of course this may strike again every few weeks, but for now I’m on a trail to get stuff done and out there.

Feedback – I hope you’ve enjoyed them too? For anybody who doesn’t know the green thumbs up in the bottom left of a post is a nice quick way to show you liked it so maybe just click that if you dig and enjoy what you see? Thanks in advance for the feedback!

New WIP – The next picture I have in mind (Subject to change if needs be) are a transformation set I’d called ‘Before and After’. She was going to gradually change over time and maybe have a friend seeing the changes over the weeks and remarks / captions.

This one however ended up going into crazy town USA and changed from a gentler TF to excessive slightly maddening variations of mutation. Fun fun. So a little more warped body changes than the normal, but hay, you kids love this stuff, right?!

Reflective – I do panic I don’t do enough more normal stuff, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but the longer you work on a project sometimes the crazy hyper silly fun sized ideas start or changes over the days / weeks when I put the odd hours into them and some go off the deep end or I wished I’d calmed down.

Cutie Problems – The other one I have in mind is what I’ve called the ‘Sad cutie with big problems’ set. These ones are crazy fun designs in a more balling forwards and out of control kind of design. I love doing them and have considered doing a pack on these at some point.

I decided this one I’d consider making a free example of sorts or shots of it to see interest in this style as well as making some super fun polls about her to come (like what caused her to change and grow, Name to pick, back story ideas, what you’d like to see next if she is used again) so I’m looking forwards to getting that released.

RR Update – Lastly this year is going fast, really stupidly quick and it scares me pretty bad and while my RL job threat isn’t gone it’s just at the sides for now. I’d mentioned on my sister site RR that I’d probably be free and easy at this point, but doesn’t seem the case. Blessing and a curse.

I’ll be looking to update that site with some art and an explanation at some point maybe to the chagrin of some after what seemed like a set deal – but if you like your weird futa, you know where to check in the weeks to come.

Cheers – I’ve typed too much, should be working on getting content done so love you and leave you all. Reminder too, Always good to hear what you think and grateful for input and people to speak up, so don’t be afraid to do anything like that too. Till next time lovely fans! – Sius

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..:: iGAPES – Preparation ::..

So I’ve done several characters and poses while doing the artwork for iGAPES, but I quite got behind how well this one turned out. I should try and do more alike this one, or consider maybe another girl in this way.

In my opinion the best scale and size you can get without going hyper levels but still excessive and vast – hope you enjoy it also.

iGAPES - Preparation 01 A (Ring a Ding)

iGAPES - Preparation 01 F (Ring a Ding)  iGAPES - Preparation 01 G (Ring a Ding)

iGAPES - Preparation 01 E (Ring a Ding) iGAPES - Preparation 01 D (Ring a Ding)

iGAPES - Preparation 01 C (Ring a Ding) iGAPES - Preparation 01 B (Ring a Ding)

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..:: iGAPES – Harumi 01 ::..

Bit of a older one I didn’t tidy up till now, but hay better late than never as a release. Though there’s bits I’d like to tidy up more & give the CG colour job too this is what we have right now.

Always liked the pose on this one and the overhang is fun to do. I don’t do half as many more dynamic poses like this (mainly because bigger sized girls usually need a more fitting position to get her all in shot) but if nothing else this reminds me to to try these kinds of poses more. Hope you enjoy! ~ Sius

iGAPES - Harumi 01 B2

iGAPES - Harumi 01 A iGAPES - Harumi 01 B1iGAPES - Harumi 01 C

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..:: iGAPES – Twang Wang 18 -> 21 ::..

Some time ago I did a random set of art pack called oddly Twang Wang (and really it was just the name top of my head when naming a file and thus it was born ~ don’t read too much into it! ^^) and as I was going my art inventory I noticed that these last ones have not been posted and where sitting there.

I think it was because I was waiting in some captions that they where never released, but if I had the captions ready and never used them or needed some extra love (and I can see a few bits that need doing ¬_¬) I never got around to posting them. While far from amazing, the art is done and isn’t totally dire, so hell about time I posted this stuff.

I think I did have plans in mind, like a line up of all the characters and having some fun with it, but… I just want it done so I can move into the other pile to be done. Alt poses and sizes below mains – Enjoy regardless.

iGapes - TW18 Teruko d

iGapes - TW19 Akina b

iGapes - TW20

iGapes - TW21b

iGapes - TW18 Teruko a    iGapes - TW18 Teruko c  iGapes - TW18 Teruko a    iGapes - TW18 Teruko e   iGapes - TW19 Akina a   iGapes - TW21a

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..:: Poll – Project Partner ::..

Project – I’ve been inspired to have a try at something, a project I recon that would do well again as a warm up for some proper big projects I polled about a little back and sets down the line. Still going mocks, see if it’ll work out – but could be kinda fun. It’ll have some light world building, a little heart warming love story, drama, and a little extreme hyper gaping lewd and warped sexual love – you know that old number.

New Poll – Real simple, new content idea will have a gaper girl and a partner. Though the focus is on the gaper cutie, but text and maybe some of the art will have to depict a character she will be close to. I might have it so the persona is like the reader, or actually give them a face and a character, not decided but…

Question – Should the partner to the gaper be male or female? Please vote below ^_^

ROMANTIC COUPLES - A cutie gaper girl finds somebody who she likes, but their gender is...

View Results

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