..:: Round up Post 23rd Jan ’16 ::..

Real Hyper Gaper Head WIP 01

Hayo Lovely fans and people of the site. So I’ll be real with you all, this last week has been a delight to have had, found old friends again, gained new ones and made a start back to being more proactive. It’s a lovely feeling to be back in control and doing this.

I said I’d post material as I went along, so I’ll ether do that as an iG WIP individual post or a Roundup post where there maybe a few more things to say – like this.

Now my first goal, my original goal this week was to go through the material I had in my art pile, save ’em and filter the ones posted on the site and nice stuff like that. It hasn’t happened yet, and thus why iG WIP’s so far or incomplete iG images / sets… but its all good, and I still plan on doing it.

Above is another character I’m about to work on, going to be slight more… ‘realistic’ but still over the top and crazy gape on her, so working on her maybe one of the next things to do, and by saying so here it may force me to do just that. Anybody who likes them not as fUcKInG cRaZY may enjoy her, I no no… I’m about to find out myself.

I’ve also had the pleasure to have another interview with another gaper, a size queen and the interview was both eye opening and inspiring. I’ll be posting this one soon and wow, that’s well worth a read!!

Well I still have a fair few thing to do or get out that I’m working on, so just to say keep and eye out and thanks as always for your support! – Sius out

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..:: Spotlight – Thirty ::..

Thirty-303341-Club Thirty-283610-MareThirty-276715-Assembly_Line

thumb.php  Thirty-282107-Modesty30mermaidwebsize


So I bumped into Thirty’s art works lately in truth and was pleasantly pleased to see another hyper pussy gaper fetish in his works. As you can see hes done animations (and pretty good at them too!)

Beyond our kinks and fetish hes also got some futa on there and also some furry material too – just check the filters on the site to see it all if you dig that content.

Hoping that he continues to work on his crafts and naturally done a few more gaper ones when hes got time!

He mentioned that he does take requests now and then, so maybe somebody might get lucky there but otherwise let’s hope for more goodness to come!

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..:: Plans and Consequences ::..

    TL:DR – Estimating wild / mixed year ahead. WIP rough works to be released, paid content maybe somewhere too and help requested below. Thanks for you time as always ~ Sius

2016 – Start off with a belated new year thanks and as always a big thank you for your continued support. Long story short as I’ve posted on the neglected Released Reactions site I run also that things maybe changing for me this year – and thus my available time. Good (and bad – realistically) for this site but ultimately I can foresee more work being made for it.

But some real talk now, I may need to work on projects on my sites and push commissions once more when time comes to help keep me afloat or pay for site upkeep. I’ll consider alternatives certainly (like your patreon like sites) but I still want to make content that is a good quality and worth you time…

It maybe very bespoke and not heavily uptaken by the net, but I enjoy doing this crazy fun and weird smut and filthy art work of hyper vagina deformed females – good times!

Art Work – Though postings have been slim and somewhat random for many weeks lately I can say my resolve to produce these images for kinky fetish hyper gapers hasn’t been snuffed, I’ve just been too busy to post or move onto new projects before I finish old ones. Long standing problem.

Anyhow the rinse and repeat nature of just working on something mindless over the months to just keep my hand in and try to keep my skills from going to rusty has resulted in much work, not all complete or special – even much overlapping repeat themes because of again, just getting SOMETHING done rather than dynamic and special ideas.

iG WIP ~ (i) (G) APES (W) ork (I) n (P) roduction – I’ll be releasing old or current incomplete art work that maybe not really 100% ready. I’ll post these images under the iG WIP so you can see them, even if I’m not done with them at all upto my usual post worthy standard.

These images may get some more love or updated maybe, some may just stay as junky doodles only. The content will truly run the gambit and could be deleted on a whim – But hay, feel its better at least seen vs sitting on my computer out of sight.

Schedule – I don’t like pinning art down to a day, but my goal to be more consistent. More you check every week to see if anything new is out vs. a visit every few months – so that maybe work I’m currently working on with the WIP label (where you people maybe able to offer advice or things you’d like to see as I work on it)

Projects – So I plan on doing the The Giga Futa Pack 2 on Released Reactions. I’m looking forwards to going all out and being crazy and fun on it, but I wanted to consider maybe a iG alternative. Maybe a comic, or more images like the futa pack with a twist or something extreme?

We are some way off that at the moment, as RR comes first I think but I do have it as an idea. Gota pay the bills and I can’t make everything free forever but I’ll think of something very special or dynamic!

Help – I ask every so often for peoples help with contributions with their skills or time and as always we could do with bringing the community together ironically by working together. So if you can help with anything on the list below please consider lending a much needed hand my friend…

  •    Gaper Art ~ Any kindly willing sympathetic artist willing to offer works to show off or donate to the scene would be just the best.
  •    Captions / Stories ~ Using your writing to enhance a image with a caption OR make up a story with gapers as a theme compliment my work greatly.
  •    Recommendations ~ Artists with work like this fetish or stories the are gape heavy need to be found and I need you help to find them!
  •    Kind words (?) ~ Hay if you enjoy my work but just don’t speak out, maybe consider even a email and letting me know what you enjoy – it inspires greatly.

Closing – Well think that will do for now. Think on whats been mentioned, drop me an email (email”at”igapes.com) and let me know anything on your mind, otherwise thank you for your time and continued support for a artist that should know a little better by now. Have a good one! ~ Sius

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WIP Gape-azonian Influence

Hayo fine lovely peoples – So normally I’d not post anything incomplete, but I don’t know… happy with this doodle even if its before its time. Consider it a little something as thanks for your continued patience – as always your support and interest do really help out, so big props to you all!

So this one basically was meant to be a random set that where going to be very little mod / alt versions that I planned to CG colour them in prep for some other work I have in mind – keep my skills sharp for when it matters after much time negated.

Funny how one thing leads to another. Planned to make it a basic character that changed radically as it came together. Fun part of the whole creative process.

I originally was about to just be done with the cutie with glasses and call it a day when I found the old face of the amazon (originally just another face and lacking much detail) when I decided to add her in.

I wanted to have her actually be much taller, focus on monster legs (sort of a thing with examining exaggeration art hyper art oddly), and though stronger frame, was in fact the feet and legs that where the focus and meant to be heavily out of scale. Also meant to showcase scales and size Vs. head to body artists shown side by side.

That evolved into the amazon and then the story in my mind – Glasses goes missing after plane crash, found by tribe of Gapeazonians and is changed to be like them – between the legs. Same size cunt but on a much smaller body. Fun. Might evolve the story but… one thing at a time.

Anyhow – that’s a thing and I am tired. Hoping to colour it as mentioned, so… maybe something at some point… hopefully? Enjoy as always! well K, thanks! bye bye! – Sius

UPDATE ~ Going with the new WIP thing, though I wanted to do the 2nd character and maybe one day might, I at least CG’ed the 1st girl. Enjoy!


GaperABWip01  GaperBWip01  GaperBWip02

GaperAWip01  GaperAWip02  GaperAWip03



..:: iGapes – Echo ::..

Herro everybody. Sorry for the delay was somewhat side tracked (confounded dog, you win this time – grumble grumble ^^)

Finally gotten the captions to go with these doodles. As mentioned, this really was more a warm up after a while off (simple works really) and the captions simple scrap to go with it, but I hope you enjoy.

As always I’ll have the main pictures just below and the complete set (no captions / Alt versions etc.) in a Zip file for you all if you want. Enjoy!

**** Download the zip file of all images in pack here! ****

iG - Echo 1AC
iG - Echo 1BC
iG - Echo 1CC
iG - Echo 1D1C


iG - Echo 1D2C
iG - Echo 1EC
iG - Echo 1F1C
iG - Echo 01



..:: Spotlight – New WOWIAmBig Video ::..

Hay Crew – Been off my work a little touch, slowly getting back to it though. Just had a few of ‘them’ weeks you know.

So check out the following link – http://forums.newart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45406 .Though it has a clicky bait like title, WowIAmBig is back and well… the video in 1st post has to seen to be believed.

Normally I’d add this kind of thing to the bottom of a normal post, but this 24 or so minute video…. kind of special. The fun I’d have with an open minded girl like that… *sigh* ^^ – but seriously though… holy hell that’s really something!

Enjoy – more work hopefully soon soon. Sius

UPDATE – Well, seems that its been wiped from the link in the OP. Short lived. I’ll keep and eye on, if its gone then I’ll wipe the post. Shame if you missed it!

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