..:: Poll ‘Too Far’ Conclusion ::..

It’s been rather interesting to see the poll and votes come on in over the last poll. Interesting because honestly people seem like thought about the options rather than being one sided in their vote.

Being on the site itself lends itself to returning viewers who may have already come to peace with the material on display, but it doesn’t ring like that in the results, which I’m glad for.

It’s refreshing to see open minded viewers of my site take this stance, and it a credit to your character if you did. I honestly am glad for people who have spoken out maybe against the popular opinion.

What do I take from this all, what does this mean… Well I guess it seems it is a divide but also some truths of what is honestly important are present. So will I tone it down, or keep at it? Will I do better to make it less bombastic or coco banananananas?

So the way I see it, I’ve got work still to complete that tends to be more visceral or large in nature going on, so I’ve be daft to abandon that. But certainly, some more grounded sensible sized models or alt versions would seemly help out.

It isn’t a one size fits all thing, and I don’t hope to spread my art too thin or only get a minor set of people, but I can’t please everybody also. So in the end, maybe a mix of size and scale maybe for the best.

It may take some time to filter into the art, but one of the latest images started off with this scale and size in (with more crazy alternative mods slapped on – because lack of restraint, lol) but yes… watch this space. Thanks once again for your time people.

I have some art hopefully reflecting some ideas coming in the pipeline as always, so hang tight!

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..:: Poll – Gone Too Far? ::..

TL;DR version – Do you think my designs go too hardcore or weird or excessively ‘gape’ like, thus hurting the general big pussy appeal? Poll voting at bottom  – K, thanks!

Okay… – start off, know this may ether come over as a moan or a whine (and I’m sorry), but I’m more curious than anything, so a moment of your time and consideration please.

It’s been a little quiet here for a few weeks, RL and other factors playing a part, but also I’m cautious how I spend my time. It needs to be used where its most warranted or will achieve most from now.


Issue – I’ve checked comments on this rare fetish area when it appears on web boards, seen the likes and interests to other big pussy artists, and compared my own sets ‘likes’. I’m getting a conclusion from this picture.

It appears, from what I can see that basically the more safe, streamline like hyper pussy designs do best. Similar to the pumped pussy fetish, its more about a huge cunt between her legs, swollen and large.

I can’t tell if its just a minor but vocal few who feel this way, or actually there is a lot of basis to this whole thing? Its an individual thing certainly but impacts the community as a whole / large.

large sizes are generally liked and other general fetishes, but something a little more ‘graphic’ or raw seems to be seen as a negative. These extra steps, extra fetishes may detract or go too far putting people off.

Even people like this fetish but feel ill or see some things as abhorrent. Deep gaping cunts, prolapsed with a cervix coming out or the more ‘falling apart’ design some have.  I’ve done a few here and there.

I understand too, sometimes it plainly is TOO much or so vulgar it is plainly distasteful… but also, I myself don’t think I’ve done anything that’s SO bad it crosses that line – but that is why I’m asking you instead ^_^


Answer? – So what do I do? I like being expressive and out there, its never stopped me in my futa artwork (mainly because I took the, don’t like it seek another futa artist, hundreds that there are) but this is different. Maybe I want to start to have the fetish more open and accepted, but this run the risk of being more generic and generally uncreative.

As the Artist one of the more interesting aspects of this is seeing how I can stretch most pussies hyper or type of expansion, even if they are just doodles and for fun it is a lot of fun and dynamic.

But maybe I do indeed need to tone it down a little, go back to more a rooted foundation of the fetish and stop being as ‘forwards’ and kinky or extreme in my designs?

So I ask you, dear viewer for your valued opinion here. Do you think it needs to step back a little, be more ‘graphic’, less stretched gapes and more just fat pussy designs or what? 2 Polls, *left* and *right* please.


Do you think excessive gape or hardcore fetishes make this fetish more inaccessable as a whole?

View Results

Too graphic or not, do you think change would be necessary to help get people involved ultimately?

View Results

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..:: iGAPES – Elizabeth 01, The Benchmark ::..

iG - Elizabeth 01a iG - Elizabeth 01b


iG - Elizabeth 01c iG - Elizabeth 01d iG - Elizabeth 01e

Elizabeth – The Benchmark. For when your companies try and pass off second rate devices, pleasure toys and cheap dildos, Elizabeth is one of many proud women who test, rate and give seals of approval or denial to – looking out for gapers everywhere of all shapes and sizes.

A fun but also a bit of a long time coming posting this, I started a CG colouring of her but due to time and disinterest (creativity is a strange beast) I’ve let it go for now. Still, hopefully something all the same. All in all, pleased with this one, odd as the idea may be. Enjoy!

1st version – Full Background / Clothed
2nd version – No surrounding Items / Clothed
3rd version – No surrounding Items / Naked
4th version – No surrounding Items / Naked / No piercings
5th version – No surrounding Items / Naked / No piercings / no swell belt

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..:: Spotlight – Fragile ::..

So out the blue I find another artist who dabbles his hand into this kind of work, which is refreshing, and something I’d like to highlight for you all today.


Had the pleasure of talking with this artist, Fragile – nice guy you should give your support to to show your interest more in this kind of content.

You also may find a bit of hyper pussy genitalia on there (maybe his favs?) as well by some mighty fine artists, long as you don’t mind furries. Generally we just need more of this and more artists come into the picture as a whole.

Oh and quick warning for you all who are T total anti-futa, hes got a little on his page so be forewarned. He’s just a ‘size’ guy, something I can relate too!

1407229051.fragile007_red_dress 1406376135004

1406125202058 1406746461194 1406125258535

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..:: Poll Review and News ::..

TL;DR = Sorry for slow update. Thanks for votes, new art soon. Thanks for your patience and support as always!

 **** General ****

So thanks for the voting so far! I’ll do a small break down of each of the polls and the results gathered SO FAR as I see it and how I can apply them to this website.

These polls are STILL open below this post, so feel free to vote and influence and speak your mind on whats listed. They are going nowhere fast – new votes will be noted.

So I intend to react and work from the input of the polls to apply to this site as best I can, as well as curiously understand my audience (results show your all a little loopy, but that’s okay with me ^^)

 **** Poll-ageddon Feedback ****

Some of these polls you’ll notice I’ve done in a list of four. Two cases of extreme high and low and the other two ether side of the average. Mathematically you can work things out as +2/+1/-1/-2 this way.

 Visibility – This poll would help identify how much the lore would explain / hint and comment on the girls in a greater contest when an explanation or story added to the image. Interesting what you all through.

Results (as I write – AIW) show more or less options ‘KINDA hidden’ (-1)  and ‘VERY exposed to the world’ (+2) as the top ones and close side by side. Over all its a (+16) in favor of viability mathematically stating – but yeah.. golden results here.

Freaky Monstrous Poll – I can see a VERY telling attitude here. Near all of it is ‘like to 11 or bigger’ in general. Anything smaller is very minority. This is very curious and interesting, think I know what people want to see more of here this.

I have a plan to do more outlandish and maybe zany designs women in the future. Surprised it was currently so one sided. While normal character will appear still obviously it means transformations can go bananas now. Fun fun!

 Size Poll – I’m not surprised at all here. You all a load of size queens and kings here, with bigger obviously being what you look for generally. Don’t get me wrong I still will run the gambit in terms of scale and size but.. may push to go a little more crazy big maybe?

Sets or Single Images Poll – I was somewhat delighted to hear this, as 80% of my works have this in mind. I AM actually trying to do one offs more to get art out for you all on quicker turn over between large sets but will intend to continue in large sets together. Result!

 Story Consistency – Curious case on this one, originally being more a 75% to 25% to be whatever I want and not bound to lore… slowly its been more 60% to 40% lately, which is interesting and take that people don’t TOTALLY hate whats been done so far.

Still planning what would be best here in honesty – its interesting to see people feel okay about whats been done (even if less than ‘random go for it’) but ultimately gives heart I’ve not fucked up tooooo badly.

 **** So whats next people? ****

Okay, so I have a few pieces I was in the middle of what I should try and clock off. I’m doing a few random one off images / characters just to pass the time which are going so so but I’ve also gotten a good few multi image sets too I’ve left before finishing.

It’s a curse – but hopefully I’ve gotten an out. So anyhow after I’m done with my current art work I have two things next in the queue.

First is the idea of polling which art needs to be completed next. I’ve resisted posting some of this because it’d spoil the final thing, but it may instead FORCE me to finish work off instead by doing this – sorry if it does spoil some of it for you all.

Anything voted on will get priority and then be worked on ideally till its boxed off and the unsuccessful image will go another round against another image at a later date. May do themes or art at the ‘same level’ to make it fair and ideally not lob sided.

Second one is going to be acting on the feedback with ‘Project Chrysalis’. It’ll be more weird and unusual and have abstract and warped designs based on what people asked for in the polls. Have a theme / setting and will be rolling out the art soon!

I’ll probably release content for this between the finish me off polls so I don’t burn out on ether side of the development process.

I also have a new artist to promo soon as well as a new doodle I started while doing this that will come out soon with that poll. So Lets see how this goes. Thank you all, till next time!

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..:: Poll – AGEDDON ::..

TL;DR – Vote to help me out, k thanks!

I forgot how much I love hearing from people with this feedback – really boosts me to work on new stuff and get it out!! Basically the response is been awesome so far – so thanks. I’m pushing my luck, can you have a vote on the following polls for me please?

I’ll post a few more polls below – just read and vote away. Helps know what people think, and people want and what you find smexy so I can do that more. Ya all great – hope to get a new image out soon as a reward for your input! Cheers – Sius

..:: Poll – Visibility ::..

Whats sexier, this being a secret change OR the world known thing about giant cunt girls? – DOES NOT INCLUDE NUMBERS OF CHANGED WOMEN! QUANTITY IS NOT IMPORTANT!

Visability for iG women - Are these women known by the wider world or known by only a select few?

View Results

..:: Poll – Monstrous And Weird ::..

This shit is weird but do you like REALLY REALLY funky stuff? - Limits are there to be pushed, but some people like it more normal. Does the CrAZy weird and fun yet very warped stuff do it for you?

Freaky Nasty iG Changes - How far do you like to see this fetish pushed, if at all?

View Results

..:: Poll – Another Matter of Size ::..

How big do you like to see the vaginas drawn here? – An old poll idea, but curious to see what people think still.

What sizes of Gape do you like to see most? - Sometimes bigger isn't better, some times it really is!

View Results

..:: Poll – Image Sets ::..

Several images of a girl, better or worse? – do you like to focus on one character and her developments or move into other one off girls, maybe just final forms and no transformation?

Image Sets - Is more art on a character better for you?

View Results

..:: Poll – Story Consistency ::..

You like random stories or one based on set lore? – One off stories and anything goes or try and keep to rules and its built up little world scenario?

Caption / Story Consistancy - Better to stick to the rules, or random reason for changes are okay?

View Results


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