..:: iGAPES – Information Fun Pack 01 ::..

Answers to all the questions you where afraid to ask! Actually I was intending to just make this one just about hair growth and keep it to a seperate fun fact per image but as we’d be here all day and the limited rate I produce this stuff at, so heres your three in one combo!

Okay, so heads up on all the different version for you… We have breasts parted / moved to side and front facing versions of many most of the following. The ones with the text and dark background, I gave a tinted effect on the skin on the main and shiney no enviromental tint to her on the others below.

We also have cum and no cum versions, tidy pussy hair versions and even a faded body outline behind her breasts and pussy (to show the image sits on a framed body, not just floating flesh bits scribbled ontop [for them who care])

So ‘The Bump’, the last image before this one, you lovely fans voted to show support and I can’t begin to thank you all for that! It was solid motivation while getting back into CG’ing and knowing I’d not lost my touch, well that was great to know. You all rock and heres is another CG coloured image for your enjoyment!

Really pleased with this one again, looking forwards to doing more soon! As always a show of support with a thumbs up if you liked this goes so so far its hard to put into words. Got a few more ideas and poses in mind, however if you have any you want to know about or see then email away with suggestions. As always, Enjoy! Sius


..:: iGAPES – The Bump ::..

In a version of the world where Gapers have come to be as a class of their own, sometimes its the fundamentals that are the most important to deal with. Here we have a Gaper hoping to make an impression to get the attention of another. Let’s wish her luck!

I’ve gotten  a few like this more in mind for a set of ideas. I’m surprised I’ve not done more of in the past in truth. I think having a loose canon and just having some fun and just making maybe key in the end.

On a side note, you’ll have seen its in colour. I hate, but love colouring. I’m so bad at it, such a perfectionist, and its an arse to do, but I do love how it looks also. I hate the thing I love or something… ¬_¬ BUT I could do with knowing it its worth doing more of?

Do me a favor, if you enjoy the extra effort done, do me a solid and click the thumps up click at the bottom of this post if you can. It’s an easy but highly effective way of knowing if you think its worth the extra effort or not. Thank you very much for your time and consideration as always – Enjoy, Sius

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..:: iGAPES – Sad Cutie Mai – The Gapzonian(?) ::..

Okay, so hear me out – This one started off as working on what I like as a set called the ‘Sad cuties with big problems’ set, which basically has a sweet innocent looking girl with the very sexualised body. Okay so far? Okay, cool.

Then as I work on it, I get the idea, maybe spice it up with making her a gapezonian or gapzonian (one day I’ll decide on just one, just not today!) so that’s the idea of starting off as a humble character and being them this hulking she beast of sexual lust and nature and engorged and basic amazon warrior woman thing, cept with the monster cunt.

THEN I was thinking I’d make the normal version because I was quite enjoying her design…. and then I ended up liking that kinda more…. but the gapazonian thing is more interesting and….

Long story short I was going to have a small caption story along with these, but I can’t pick… so… errrr… pick yourself?

Ether was going to be that she…

1) is Asian and her blood and genes reacted well with the indoctrination and growth into a gapzonian being from another land and so her pussy is huge and shes used as the human pocket  for moving stuff around in her tribe and also the human cow (nipple heart shaped multi nipple teats, because I could).

2) Was a gaper to begin with and something far bigger than most others, and her crashing into the jungle changed and transformed her further, and maybe have her return a year later with people in awe whats happened?

3) She was normal, add in a hospital trip from illness and she becomes changed and shes got the hots for you, but this one totally isn’t a hulking she woman monster, coz buff women just isn’t your thing, I no no. lol

Anyhow, as you can see, this is what happens when a mind races with possibilities too much to just stick to one thing. So plenty of versions for you to see and some with ghosting and stuff, so pick your fav and enjoy all the same…. just ignore that I had a story with this one me thinks for now?! ^^ – Sius

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..:: With A Bang! ^_^ ::..

Start As We Mean To Go On – Quickly before I begin, wishing a happy new year to you all, let’s make it a good one huh ^_^ Plans as always with my art work, projects, and hopefully with some extra effort from me we can make this happen. Closer to really making big content happen than it’d been in years, so watch this space!

Light On Delivery – Apologies for the lack of content at the end of 2016, I was overrun with events and RL bits and before I knew it the year had come to a close ¬_¬ Dreadful problem to fix in the future ^_^ So yes, sorry again.

Last Polls Debrief – A quick break down of the poll results from HERE – firstly, great input and delighted by the fact people have been honest and participated. I know it only takes a click, but you all are the best for giving me your time and help. Below is my take from whats been posted

How often do you check this website for new content? – Honestly I’m so stoked that there is so many who visit far more often then I would have guessed. Very humbling and makes me feel quite bad too for being so slow with my material. My dream is to post regularly with coloured material and maybe other things beyond too. Its fab to be reminded that people care and the drive and desire for these crazy massive cunts and just stretching as a whole is there.  Again, thanks to you all for this reminder!

Mental change, Which mindset do you like characters to develop the most? I’ve learnt more of a understanding and what people desire and feel about the characters from this. I consider the top four all relevant, but its telling the top ones are more based on a drive and a personal lust for growing. Then it’s followed with a more ‘natural’ understanding lifestyle choices and surreal acceptance.

The ones barely ticked are more a domination / submissive slant to them, which is important, but very obviously not the driving factor of desire from you all. I will be basing future art and captions to reflect this and maybe add more characters to give you more what you like.

Growth sequence desire- What makes a good growth sequence? – After a few days I realized I’d fucked up SO hard on my descriptions on this one. It was more or less even on scores but it generally confused or was poorly explained. Without examples and people maybe having context for my mindset this was a hodpodge of crap, lol. I will endeavour to do better in the future. The people who tried to help and answer this stupid question are heros for the help tho!

New Polls –  So a nice way to warm into the new year is I’ve got a nice poll for you with some high class porn art. This first one is real simple but very useful for me.

Poll One – I’ve done a doodle so far that has the girl in different stages or key part of her changes between each stage. If you can vote on the one you LIKE the MOST. I’ll help me out and of course the final version of this will focus on this with more alt versions / clothes and what not. Sometimes it hard to call what people desire ATM and as you can see this is quite a lot of versions always in play in my artwork.

Pick Your Favourate Pose (Nanami WIP)

View Results


We have A1/2/3 (+ b) and B1/2 (+ b) with each getting more ‘weird’. Starting with it being ‘normal’ as can be then going to add her original pussy left destoyed after birthing this giga cunt and it being split and left open at the base and also a prolapsed cervix version also often at the end.

Note the ‘normal’ naked versions added are for reference of her without any mods, more perspective on the art is the intent. ALSO sorry, there prob would be a version with piercings and heavy cum shooting out of her, but ran out of time for this mock to be out. -_- This will cum in the final versions *Snigger*.

Poll Two – Going to be blunt on this one. I’ve gotten ideas for projects and ideas as mentioned over and over again. I’ve started prep on all of them and well upto now I’m not sure what would be best to deliver on the most first. So enough guessing, I’ll put it out as a vote. It will be content needed to tip / donate to view it I won’t lie, but all the same which of the three choices would you like most?

Whats Project Should Be The 1st To Do? - More Details Below Poll

View Results

— ONE) Pinup special – Special girls from all over with all shapes and sizes of vaginal gape and all broken and loose as fuck. Got a few ways I can deliver this as a fun medium presentation (Girls in the news / fashion models with hyper mons / calendar girls etc) and the girls would be high quality and high detailed and coloured with probably several versions of each girl and all designed to please and each unique. Might try for a little caption beside each one to add some nice context to the girl, her body or something cheeky. Might be able to deliver this once quicker as a note too.

— TWO) #GaperProblems – Eye opening or maybe comical ‘issues’ being a giant cunted girl brings. A set of images maybe showing or describing some problems and the frustrations it could bring. All different sizes and girls in mind. Thinking things like being slippy under foot, growing too large, or ‘mobility’ issues would be just the tip of examples I could do. Captions naturally would be added to make the most of the set.

— THREE) Developing Girl – Mix of dojin (comic) and static pages with full poses of a girl who changes. Might focus more on the weird and strange or abstract excess and growth both mentally and physically (don’t want to give too much away just yet, hee hee) but the end result will go from more normal to wild and a touch freaky along the way on a single character. More focus on change and growth over the other sets, so seeing her develop and change, this is the pack for that.

Jools A.M.A. Return – Jools has asked once more for questions after enjoying them last time. As always all questions are valid, and shes most welcome to answer most of them, so maybe throw some out there and see what happens huh? Always happy for questions, so ask away.


That’s all for now. I’m trying to go back and finish off old material and I’ll be watching the polls like a hawk, so vote if you will and yeah…. more epic surreal pumped gaping sex deformed cuties as soon as I can get them to you! Thanks again~ Sius

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..:: Appeasing ::..

Hi all!

Errr…. I’ve not really done as I said I should and clock off work and really I’m still jumping a lot from idea to idea. Still got to get my shit in order. Still, being productive is always good.

Anyhow, its been an AGE since I showed some art, so though its not complete, here’s just a little something while I get things right. Bit of a month also, as I’m sure it is for many of you – so more work to come after all the panic is over.

Not much, but hope you enjoy all the same. Try and work on this one like the rest more when time allows. Enjoy!


..:: Polls Up The Wazoo ::..

I had forgotten how much I love the reminder of feedback of polls and how fab it is to have people vote and help me out with this. So I’ve done its own post while I tidy up some art work and know how to shape some new material going forwards. As always, a moment of your time goes such a long way and helps out big time! As always, thanks a whole bunch for your votes!

How often do you check this website for new content?

View Results

The poll below is more the pinnacle of what you hope to see in the character in the art or maybe text that goes along with a sequence. Only one answer, so read and pick which sounds best to you.

MENTAL CHANGE - Which mindset do you like characters to develop more / into as she stretches (regardless of size) the most?

View Results

And the below is a hard one maybe to answer, but if you’ve seen any transformation sequence or growth image sets, if you had me do one, which do you think would be best, how’d you like to read it?

For information ‘Dynamic’ poses here are more like dojin pages or movement panels / images and ‘Posed’ images are closer to my normal image styles, full paged and full viability of girl.

GROWTH SEQUENCE DESIRE - What do you hope to see in a good growth set sequence (regardless of size changed / big or small)

  • Just a few pages later and she was huge! - The most 'fun' levels of change, showing a few off (Focus on several key stages and showing them off by static + dynamic poses) (31%, 9 Votes)
  • I saw it happen before my eyes - Multiple images showing how one growth stage happens and her changes. (one big impactful dynamic + posed developments in a chapter / pack) (24%, 7 Votes)
  • My, how she's changed - Shots over a time of total development (Both posed and dynamic Two or so images shows her changes at major milestones) (24%, 7 Votes)
  • Every moment in time - One pose at every stage, less flowing but every key size shown (single pose images, close to standard site images) (21%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 29

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