..:: iGAPES – Cintiq Birth (Foundation Collection) ::..

Cintiq Birth – Created September 2009

The start of something. The doodle is a bland thing of bland, but in some ways this marked the start of something big.

Prior I’d used a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet to draw with my art but it was crude (my old released reactions art should show that) and so in a way all the precision and clarity I have with my current art is all down to the hardware the new Cintiq was able to give me.

It’s hard to describe to somebody but beyond all the tech advantages it can give you (when you know how to make it sing and set it up right with photoshop) think of it like this….

When you draw on a piece if paper, or write with a pen, you see what you’ve just done instantly. The old Intuos meant you had to look at the screen and work out where the pen was hovering and do math in your head working out all the caluclations. This piece of tech is a monitor you draw right onto and you see the result instantly.  It was a revolution.

So this doodle was one of the 1st I had ever done and my god what a difference it made…. it had a long way to go… but…. hay… it lead onto many other things. It was bought with help from contributions from the Giga pack too so investing back into my art and was a outstanding choice even if it cost big at the time, I doublt I’d go back.

Also I draw a girl with a dildo wedged in her huge pussy stuffed to the brim. I should have done her foot pressing into her pussy flesh more…. but as I was doing all kinds of learning at that point I’ll let myself off this time.

as I wrap this up, I’m not sure if this doodle has been seen before but if nothing else it might give you some insight into my process all the same… maybe?

Sorry for the history lesson… that just kinda happened…. more excessive pussy porn coming soon!


..:: The Foundation Collection – In Brief ::..

So I’m finally getting around to doing what I said I would and release some of the older works I have. It’s enlightening and horrid at the same time now I’ve started…. but again, no point sitting on my hard drive doing nothing – so might as well be out there inflicting pain on others ^_^

You can see they will have in the title ‘Foundation Collection’ in the title can tags to help spot them as being older or more dated works, ether to know curiously what to expect when looking or stay the hell away if you hate it.

They will be pretty horrid in some ways, I can find fault with so much going on in these images (so you won’t need to moan to me about the quality – I know already >_<) BUT… there is something to be said for reflection. I can see things I miss about my old art work, ideas that where well done and things I’m glad I moved away from.

These images will NOT replace the current releases, just more filling in space and giving you content when it maybe quiet.

Also to start the earlier posts will be released and the more modern ones will creep in after.

I can re-use some of the ideas here or maybe old characters if you like them – That old thumbs up is always there if you dig the ideas on the image page to let me know you like it esp if you don’t want to say so on my friendly discord group.

Looking to release some shortly but otherwise hope you find something of interest in my old old works and ideas. Enjoy! (and BTW, I am kinda dreading this, please show mercy!)


..:: Another General Post + Poll ::..

Hay Everybody – Been a while, sorry about that! Thanks for hanging around, waiting for something new…

So January was a very good month all in all and even excelled myself in key areas, both RL and clocking other aspects too and making improvements, slow as they maybe.

Poll – Live Art Casts / Video So this is something I’ve considered going more into… but I just don’t know if there is any demand for it? I DO need your votes here.

So creating this stuff takes time, but it can be a fun time too. It can take hours to put something together, but at the same time there is something… hypnotic almost watching it come together.

Ether on piczel.tv or picarto is what I have in mind OR maybe recording it and video editing it. or… both?… or maybe neither. Help me decide.

Live – While live you can influence the piece, help with ideas, speak live with me or just enjoy it coming together. But you do need to tune in at the right time to see it and it is kinda live porn being drawn.. and the stipulations it brings (if that’s a problem or not for you?).

Video – Ether from an archieve of it, or maybe an edited video of the art created before your eyes. Watch any time, but no live interactions.

None – Ether not interested, not the bandwidth or other reasons, an honest thing saying you’d not look at the video or stream ever.

Art Cast + videos - Would you HONESTLY ever watch any videos of art construction?

View Results

Errrr… So it wasn’t till the other day that I noticed here and on my discord group there hasn’t been much push publically to show off too many art works ¬_¬ I’ve been unfocused in this area – so let’s at least explain whats going on to keep myself in line if for no other reason.

Bad for Colouring CG Lately I’ve done much art, like always…. and despite making a good start with a splash of colour on them lately it’s died down suddenly. Honestly I was a little demotivated by lack of care and interest from people and made me reflect if putting all that time and hours into it was worth it?

I should / will carry on regardless, but that is a reason why its been limited lately and as a result limited new stuff being pushed out. I’ll be getting on this again shortly, but… you know… if you like it… a little thumbs up on this site or a message on discord might in ways you don’t expect and help get new stuff out quicker at least.

Bullet Point Round Up! – Quick, fast and nasty of things on my mind that I could drone on about… but won’t because….

New Art – Not much here today but don’t worry. I’ve making a list and trying to get back to a release schedule or get older ones out. See that list is real… it’s made of pixels.

Better Poses Reducing Hyper sizes (Drawn so many to personal burnout!) and trying smaller but still huge girls with better poses. Happy with results. shown off shortly. trust me, still looks good even if smaller!

New Growth Idea Lore – Added ‘Hubris’ a bi-product of Hybris that slackens the elacticity in the skin, swells up the vaginal region and excellerates its size leading to becoming huge or a full gaper. Fun lore reasons for silly hyper gaping. Might appear in art as captions? – <iG Lore Hubris>

Art Decisions – To release line art or colour older art. Plan to decide on list and act hasn’t started yet. I am bad and feel bad. Sorry. Doing current WIP / incomplete work 1st.

The Legacy of Foxy – While working on Punk / goth / cybrepunk / steampunk designs (really fun stuff actually) reminded of all character ‘Foxy’ and her encarnations. Will hopefully have a fun post and art on the ‘Fox Pack’ soon with latest versions.

Futanari Artworks – While I’ve not updated the released Reactions website just yet I have prepared some new art work that will get updated shortly. I need to complete some work firstly before I do and clock off a started girl idea too (like much iGAPES work) and then it’ll be ready and updated.

While Futa / hermaphorodite / weird art work isn’t for everybody, for others look forwards to that coming up hopefully soon. It’s been years and is really fun to return tback too.

Just perviews here, but some proof to my words.. (or if you ask politley on discord there is a chance you can see early maybe) I’ll consider adding colour to them if there is time….

Links I’ve added a few more stretching based art sites and bits into the side links, but also below. These are….

http://cervolex.tumblr.com/ – BDSM and ‘normal’ stretching kinked western artwork.

https://arkstorm99.tumblr.com/ – photomaniplations of preggers lactating and gaping lovely stuff all around!

http://letadraws.tumblr.com – Loads of parodies and used up gaped cunts, floppy tits and other goodness here ^_^


Thanks again for taking the time to vote in the above poll, interact or show support though the discord group and generally be patient and awesome. – Sius

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..:: New Links ::..

Links – Most the time I don’t highlight new links but we have a small batch of them… so just in case they get over looked heres a post. With thanks to the member of the discord community for highlighting some these artists for all to see!

Glub’s Artwork / Tumblr – https://stygianapogee.tumblr.com/
May need to click to ‘hyper pussy’ or expand posts to see the art inside
Excessive and XL pussies much alike my sizes with Huge breasts. Good stuff.

Bad Onion / Pixiv – https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=12052597
3D Renders – Focus more on rear / anal stretching

Ein457 NSFW / Tumblr – http://einnsfw.tumblr.com/
Plumper lower region (pussy / legs) with sudo pumped pussy as a result.

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..:: A Year In Reflection ::..

Hay Up Chuck – Figured I’d post something here, even if it’s lacking the art I wanted to promote. I’m about to reflect a touch on things and say what’s coming up ahead. you might find this nothing but a ramble, but you might find it interesting. Have a read on, otherwise more stuff coming soon and thanks for the support!

Reflection – So at the moment I’m pleased to say that in terms of design and art work produced and worked on I’m going pretty well! Makes a change ^_^

iGAPES artwork has been faster produced, rewarding and I’m pleased with my input and work done.  My shame comes in how little once more I’ve gotten out to the masses on this website or on discord and thus seldom goes beyond my friends or select fans.

Delivery – It’s old news, as I often have great ideas, but delivering on them and getting from start to finish and boxed off has always been an issue for me.

My plan is to go back and ether release or decide what to do with some of this stuff. It’s going to be painful for me… but… what’s the point in making stuff for all to enjoy when… you don’t see it at all? I’ll have to overcome my hated for not being 100% complete and be more time savvy.

Currently we have a poll to vote on the quality of the CG colouring and that will change a lot about how it comes out also. Curious what this will tell me and what I plan to do with the information.

Community – So I consider the last year a bit of a break out one for me. One of the main issues with this site was feedback & communication. All the polls results I watch like a hawk but that was my only way to talk as spam was CRAZY high when I put on replys to posts.

Discord came along as while it’s actually for gaming…. it has really helped out keep in touch, show off things and get that feedback. As a result it’s not only egged on me to make things but also show things off more. Great thing to have happened for me in truth.

I also do not feel I communicate how humbling it is that people like and follow me and my kinks. It’s odd stuff to be sure, but I enjoy it and love that people are as mad as me are believers in this kink and we start to grow more as a community – so thanks to you all!

Artists – While I’ve had a lack of writers (sadly) appear some old and new friends and artists have appeared (mainly Fragile, Thirty, Cymic44, and Calico Jack) have all offered help and work for the group – so thanks to them for their continued support. Let’s try and grow and grow the fetish out to all the people out there!

Stagnation – One thing I get here and there is that there is not enough variety of poses with the character I make, and I kinda agree. See I tend to do many excessively oversized girls and such, but that limit’s what I can do with it without the pose being comical or pointless. Bit of an arse.

My goal is to maybe mix it up more and be a little more free form, but this means that there maybe less excess in new works… but I still plan on giving you all something wonderful to check out all the same.

Touch of the weird – And on that same note, I’m going to work this in more into the new year. The kink is weird, it has like 4/5 other fetishes all wrapped into one most the time…. well, why stop there?

I might try to do more strange and weird stuff going forwards. honestly I’ve missed it quite a lot… and I know I can’t please everybody and I’ll not forget, but I would like to mix things up and my work will be better for it I feel.

Normality – I also have a group of fans who are very much ‘keep it simple’. They want pumped pussies, but anything that has grown over the length of a knee (which is unrealistic to say the least, but maybe small for many of my works) is a big no for them.

I’m going to try a bit more of these poses when I can… but playing it safe might mean dull works. I’ll have to mix it up or work something out to help stop this problem for sure. Be aware I am trying to do some balancing for you all too – it’s not totally lost on me.

‘Packs’ – I had in mind this last year to release a pack for sale that was going to have many of the core kinks of the fetish with unique ideas and some quality put behind them, but…. it didn’t happen in the end much to my chagrin.

However it is not gone and the plan this year using my time wisely is to do several of the images high quality colouring and finish them off to a very polished degree. The CG colour testing has reminded me old tricks and will make the final product outstanding. More news when it’s close to release (again ¬_¬)

Commissions – I don’t really push the commissions side of things, but I’m making is more evident from here outwards and I’m sorry for people who it upsets. The site and my art is free and has been for years, but now I need to make something back, if nothing else to pay for the bloody website hosting! Rising costs have forced my hand.

So with this I openly am accepting requests for your character waifus to be draw, all kinds of kinks and fetishes ready to go in a professional and cost effective manor. Things like photomanipulaions are also available… so have a think, and I look forwards to drawing your desire…

Funding Sites / Pateron – The last option os that I finally put out the idea of a pateron style donation / support like option. I don’t like the idea of this because it feels like a begging like action in some way…. but there is also a great temptation right now to use it.

I could offer something special like back dated art works over the years that never got released or show off all the work created per month (and funny enough, looking how much I now produce and make would actually be an option which is kinda great and yet suprising). It’s an option at least.

While it ATM maybe bottom of the list I may actually do this at some point. I would never make everything behind a locked door if I can help it and keep work randsomed but the reality is that the funding and support finaitally is catching up and badly soon and measures will have to finally be taken… A sad but true reality. ¬_¬

Released Reactions / Futa – So some of you may know I’m also the artist of releasedreactions.com . It’s a hermaphroite / futanari website that was a more more excess in size and weirdness. It’s fun stuff to do for sure! I’ve totally naglected it and plan on doing some more futa images and getting it back!

There maybe some big clit and mega cunted girls over there, but that site was more focused on futa material. Come join us if your curious!

Aside I hope to do some more futa works this new year (again, spice and mix things up from the dull place it is now) so I’ll be looking at works there but also the 2nd Giga pack maybe getting more attention put towards it too so plans there for that!

Conclusion – Well, what can I say. It’s been a blast over the last year doing this stuff, thank you all for your support. If you can help any more with ether commissions, donations or packs that’d be wonderful. Changes will come, some people will be scared maybe by them, thats the way it rolls but the results will be great and worth their time and effort. You will fap happy..?

You’ve all been wonderful – so here is to a exciting and over developed new year! Cheers! – Sius

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..:: iGAPES – Muse 01 ::..

Commission – So I had the pleasure a little back to work on a commission I’d done for somebody and with their blessing am able to show off today for your pleasure.

The Brief – I was asked for this character beginning to grow and put on some size and have her breasts and pussy starting to dominate on her body ready to develop excessively later on…

but me being me I ended up doing larger sizes maybe more than a ‘starting’ pose probably should be in some ways… but my client wasn’t unhappy about it ^_^

I was happy to downsize but it ended up being more than okay. Each major step I’d send updates and work off feedback and refine the image to their liking and was great to do.

Extras – I ended up doing extra bits (as a thanks for hiring me) with multi poses and then went on to colour in a sudo speedy way (Speed colouring I’ll call it) which with a poll vote below will help me out with your thought on that.

Video – I also ended up recording the whole thing as I’m 100% digital these days…. it recorded every brush stroke and from start to finish.

Then it was compressed and sped up some and now they have a video showing it all off and how it came together. The whole thing is a beast of a size even after compression and would wipe my bandwidth if I put it up on the site here but it sure is a thing to see!

And they where more than pleased with the rate / charge I’d asked for and where delighted with the results (and unexpected extras thrown in for free like the alternative image versions, coloured used and the monster video) and honestly I hope to do more work for my client going forwards.

If we do more I’d like to make a fleshed out back story for her and make her a repeating site character to show off to you all would be wonderful.

While this is here I may as well remind my fans and lovely viewers that commissions are available to you also! (as I seldom promote it.)

Consider – Get custom high quality art with many fetishes (doesn’t just have to be gaping / big pussy kinks) of custom or mainstream characters with ideas and desires you want to see made real. And in turn by doing so supports me, my works and this website going forwards.

It doesn’t cost the earth and we can discuss this too if you would like. Just drop me a email and I’ll be happy to chat and work something out!

ContactJust send me and email here and we can go from there – Oh yeah! (And thank you for your consideration – it means a great deal to me and the support you show is beyond exceptional as money is getting a touch tight to be comfortable now…)




Colour Poll – Lastly, one thing I could do with asking for is your input / help. As mentioned this image used a ‘quick’ colour scheme. This is something I can do at a lightening rate (like 1/4th of the time of normal colouring)

but I’m not sure if its acceptable in your eyes or not, even if its a quite rough in bits (though I try to keep it tidy as best I can) it might be too little for high standards…. but maybe not?

Truth is, the more time spent on it = less time working on new stuff… but maybe you want the best it can be? So if you could vote truthfully for me please…

Coloured images Vs Time Poll - Would you rather have...

View Results

Thanks for that, taking the time to read this and hope you enjoyed the art work. I’ll hopefully have something out before too long and maybe a quick personal review but otherwise, thanks again for being here and give it a thumbs up to help keep me motivated ^_^ – Sius

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