iGAPES Fiction World Lore

Beyond the images and stories there is a fictional world to the iGAPES with its own lore and way things work. Explaining how women with monster sexual attributes, colossal gapes and otherwise exist.

It’s done as fun for could be interesting to have a think of what a world would be like and maybe get a sense for what’s going on, or if nothing else it’s an excuse to put pretty women with disfiguring gapes and holes!

This lore is partly enacted upon (changed over time) to give a world and reason to some art, but not to be help hostage by it that runining a fun idea. But read on, hopefully you enjoy.

..:: Hybris and the Methods of Change ::..

Hybris is the key thing that in the iGAPES world changes and converts women. It’s a liquid that infects and binds to the female to change her, but theres a rich story of how it works, what it does behind it. There are several different ways in which females change forms, each progressively gets more aggressive and out of control! Starting at the beginning, below is deeper information on each method of convertion.

, A Female Only Transformaing / Evolving / Mutating Substance

– All the key information on how Hybris, the root of all the changing areas below

Hybris Orb / Egg
– The root source of the substance that changes females, Hybris. How Mankind found and discovered something that would change the gender of a world by accident…

P.G.P. [Manmade / Science Approach]
– The Engineering marvel, How science made the raw business of changing women clean and easy to use,  quick and painless.

Corrupting Hybris Taint [Living, Infecting and Growing Pussy Caves]
– Born from a warped vision of Hybris given form and matter, these pussy like caves infect and dominate and a dark sudo biological nightmare.

Hybris Infection, S.T.D. [The Virus]
– Evolved through generations of women and so potent that any moist bodily substanace could start to change a normal, pure female to change. How the world of female changes and mutated out of control.

..:: Gaper Types and Other Infroamtion ::..

Beyond explaining how females come to be like this, the sections below discovers how there are different designs, shapes and forms of each gape and pussy and the charactertics as well as a general overview of the history of the iGAPES world and its timeline.

Overview of Findings: Hybris Outbreak & Types of Infectious iGAPES
– Lists details about the different looks and iGAPES designs as well as the pro’s and cons girls like this will undertake!

The iGAPES World and It’s History
– A fun break down of how the world of the iG’s comes to be, how their sexual revolution takes hold over the female gender.

Intersexuality and the iGAPES World
– From a fan who wanted to know what the word would be lore wise when it’s not strictly all female bodily genetics.

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