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..:: Ask a Size Queen A.M.A. – Answers ::..

Context – So delayed, but we have some content from Jools for you. For context the questions where emailed over to me and by request of Jools herself I was asked to ask them directly like I was asking them to her in a chat by her request. So I look the general questions, added […]

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..:: Special – Interview with Size Queen ‘Jools’ ::..

Sius: Okay. So we have Jools here who is a practicing size queen who has contacted me for an interview and it’d be my pleasure to do just that. So the first question Jools…. How long have you actually been stretching yourself for? Jools: That’s actually a tricky question. I would say I actually deliberately […]

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..:: Spotlight – FistLady ::..

I’m not going to lie, I know nothing about this woman other than what I’ve seen in the posts on Surfoo – some bits on xhampster and what you see in the images…. but… look for yourself, these images speak volumes about whats going on! I guess when somebody not only inserts big, […]

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..:: Spotlight – Kinky Trixie ::..

It seems wrong writing a entry when I actually know very little about this girl. I found a post on Surfoo about a girl known as Kinky Trixie… and I was pretty taken a back at her because of her abilities to gape so easily and her age. Some information about her can be found […]

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