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..:: Some Quick Manipulations ::..

I’m Back – Sorry for the depression speach posted not so long ago ¬_¬ I’m still between a rock and a hard place, but least I feel like doing something. I present to you for my moaning some quick manips. I’ve been working on an amazon growth sequence for iGAPES (Gapeazonians!) which is come on […]


..:: Hybris – A Female Gender Transforming Substance ::..

..:: Hybris, Review of a Mutating Substance ::.. The breakdown of details below… Hybris is the root substance to changing any female into a gaper or iG for short. When inside a female, it becomes part of her being, she develops from it and merges and fuses with it, producing her own hybris inside her […]

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..:: iGAPES – Easy iGAPES Changing Methods Breakdown (Making Gapers) ::..

..:: Easy iGAPES Changing Methods Breakdown (Making Gapers) ::.. As you may know Hybris is the way gapers have come about, but how does the Hybris work? How does it ‘get’ into the females to change them originally? Below is a list of basics ways a female could be converted in iGAPES canon. In short, […]

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..:: June Poll – Cattleya ::..

Okay, so the image for the poll of the parody contest of June has been drawn, and though I would like to say this is a preview and that the final version will be coloured and have all the different versions separate, this will have to do for now. Not the say that I won’t […]

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..:: Captions, Manips and INFO! ::..

Manipulation Captions – Alright, here we go. These captions have been written by others, different styles and ideas, and their all great fun! My thanks too Penumbra Frog (for both the new manipulation images and captions!) ,  Eccentricman and another, whom remain nameless for their privacy. With some Luck, more to come soon! (and also […]