..:: Captions, Manips and INFO! ::..

Manipulation Captions – Alright, here we go. These captions have been written by others, different styles and ideas, and their all great fun! My thanks too Penumbra Frog (for both the new manipulation images and captions!) ,  Eccentricman and another, whom remain nameless for their privacy. With some Luck, more to come soon! (and also art art with captions to be released one day too!) – Once more, big thanks to all the contributors for your help and input, cheers! [Update – Update and mod to 2 manips, top row]

New Manips – Here’s a few more from me, A few from a commission or so which I think I’m allowed to now post. Enjoy!

Heads Up – Though delayed, I’ve got me the backstory and vault of iGAPES background all ready to go soon, and from early input, people are liking the setup I’ve worked on. I also have done the Cattleya poll image too (I hope to colour but we’ll see) and generally a fair bit of stuff to release and get out for you guys soon, so check in the week for more stuff. I probably will do another poll and image the end of this month again as I feel it was a good thing to get some art out.


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