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..:: Poll Result News and Other Bits ::..

Hay people! Just another quick update message and heads up about whats going on. Progress – Had a hell of a busy week, while not hundreds of people have offered help out, I’ve had some VERY useful feeback and help from them so far (many thanks!) maybe still need just one or two more people […]

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..:: Time For A Chat + A Poll On Parody Character iG Art! ::..

One to One – I think its time once more for a, what’s on my mind, what’s going on with iGAPES and my work and so on – so let’s begin! [THE POLLS ARE BELOW ALSO] Work Produced Vs. Hours – Recently I’ve changed the way that I work and make art and manipulations, more […]

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..:: Interview with an iGAPES – Tomi ::..

**** Foreword **** The following interview has been heavily modified and is a deviation from the creators original direction. My contributor, good but interesting job with their attempt at  making a character for the interview, but with Three problems. Some sketchy iG world details (so making it less based on the iG mythos of timeline) […]

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