Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Below are some answers to typical questions, ideas and things generally posted over the years that I’d like to candidly answer as honestly as I can. Added a few emboldened colours to quickly help skim the text.


A) yeah, I know it is very strange, especially to people outside the fetish. I understand it won’t be for everybody, but at the same time there are other artists and websites worth your time if you don’t care for this.

For everybody else curious or down with this, thanks for taking the time to visit the website, enjoy what’s been done, become part of the community if you want and otherwise glad to have you around!

Q) Why are you doing this?

A) So This place exists for a few reasons…

  1. To show some more love to these fetishes. As it very unloved in circles and the idea of the virgin tight woman being all the de facto right choice is fine but that’s not always the case and this site is for people who feel differently to the normal ‘wisdom’ of the female sexual form.
  2. Next I’d say as an outlet for creativity. It maybe weird, but its kinda fun too. It can’t exist, yet it kinda does and is the fetish with stretching and pumping and expansion taken upto 11. Seeing this new’ish kink exist and flourish is a joy to see happen.
  3. iGAPES as a pro gaper community hub with artists and people interested in the fetish can gather. How successful that is I leave up to you but for artists who want to get exposed, authors who want their works read and generally fun things happening and stars developing this play hopes to achieve these reasons to visit and I’m happy to show it off. Also always like to hear from females who have decided to take steps themselves to stretch and grow too!
  4. All female fetish – It’s hard to explain this one but I also see it being about the female body and it being quite pure, open and true. Sure it has ideas accociated with it but even most of the side kinks are based about very female like kinks or things her body can do and some things that other fetishes don’t cover. Maybe my description is hard to understand and its a poor way to explain, but I feel some in the community understand that side of what I mean at least but I am pleased to have a more female pro body thing going on with it going against the norm.

Q) You know this can’t be real, right?

A) Yep! It isn’t real. I can only imagin what it would be if it was (wonderful yet maybe terrifying?). Knowing the sizes real life size queens get to is amazing enough for me… but it would be interesting to see what could happen if things progress down this way and develop…. what a thought.

Q) you know what’s not what a stretched vagina looks like?

A) well as its a pumped stretched vagina its a combination of the both. I’m not against just big stretched and normally slack holes, not at all but these combo kinks make for far more impact in my opinion and reason to seek them out. It’s not mean to be totally realistic anyhow.

Q) Lacking anal, you against it?

A) Not at all, but I always feel vaginally its more unique and stretched anus are slightly more common than this. They are just hard to show from the front angle. Look again and you maybe able to see a bit of anal bud poking out the back around her leg joints, just sayin.

Q) Why are they so BIG and huge?

A) Part of the kinks, bigger is better, or so they say. The truth is that it swings around for me day after day. Lust may say the biggest is the most exciting thing to draw one day, and another says maybe something more realistic is better. Truth is that there is not one SET size that works as everybody has their favourites but bigger cunted girls have more impact and is almost my modus operandi at this point – and generally people like that.

Q) Asian looking girls in your art, why?

A) the ‘world’ made up had it set mostly in Asian territories and so draw them for that. They are fun to draw anyhow.

Q) They ALL have Glasses?

A) Unlike the above answer which I can claim is true, it being a lore thing they have worse eyesight when they change generally, this one is definitely more a fetish I have – caught red handed!

Q) No Furries, why?

A) Furries have been drawn for sure, but… yeah… not against them, but not for them too. Given the choice, I choose not to draw them. Commissions and such are another story however.

Q) There maybe some futa, or clit like dicks? Explain.

A) Hyper clits are certainly a thing and if you see them as dicks that’s up to you (sometimes they are, okay, meant to kind of be presented that way, got me again). I’ve always TRIED to keep some futa off the site generally (as that’s what my sister website released reactions) does. Worlds might collide at times but its mostly meant to be about the FEMALE form 1stly.

Q) What’s with the wEiRd StUfF?

A) The art tends to go into unusual kinks territory and sometimes in a bigger is better, or more is better

Q) Your looking for donations / patreon and to be paid for this image pack?

A) In the future there maybe ether pack to pay for or a patreon support system in place to help me out keep this place going, maintenance on the website (web hosting is fucking expensive!) and enough to keep me upright and ticking over in life enough to produce the artwork and pay for supplies.

Any funding helps me out big time and without it I might leave it all behind if I can’t sustain it. And let’s admit it, you won’t find many others willing to do some of my stuff… Just consider that even helping out a small big gives you rewards and keep me off the streets and content flowing.

Content will always be free, but some will be locked away or gotten earlier by other who help me out. Its the least I can do and reward people who believe in me.

Q) Do you hate colour?

A) I hate not putting a good job into colouring. Colouring can take seconds to do, a simple mono colour splash can help, but really unless its well shaded I kind of hating seeing my art put out when its not really high enough quality. I guess I like to make it as well made as I can (without spending weeks on a single piece) but it can take an extra GOOD few hours to do, and sometimes that’s hard time to find.

Q) How long does it take to make art?

A) A long time. Doodles and sketches can take seconds, but the more you build it up the more time it takes. High quality one pixel line art that has that crispness I do takes much much time and ironically makes CG colouring easier (which I don’t take advantage of half as much ¬_¬) but yes, maybe around 8hrs for an outlined image isn’t unheard of, maybe about average. Crank a few more hours on for colour.

Q) Why so little art release?

A) Perfectionist part of me again. I do make art, much art and some good art… but yes also not always able to focus and get it all the way to completion and I HATE releasing art before I’m done with it. Pains me deep down and letting go isn’t easy for me.

Q) I have a character that I KNOW you’d like to draw! She’s got…

A) I’m sure I would, but it’d need to be DYNAMITE for me to do it as I see it as a free commission. Artist don’t ever like doing other OC’s unless they VERY feel deeply about them or for exposure despite what you may think and feel. If you want a character drawn by me, it’d be a commission. Begging / hounding never works and just annoys. My time isn’t free, sorry.

And so – Thats all I have got right now. Any questions to ask? Feel free to ask away over at in the contact section and be pleased to try and answer anything you have in mind.


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