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..:: iGAPES – Cracked Crystalline Lapis [Commission] ::..

>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL CONTENT IN ONE FILE << Lapis of Steven Universe fame here seen how her split and warped gem may be changing her in several unique ways. With the power of the rain she summons a towering water dildo to match her growing desires in this form! We also have […]

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..:: iGAPES – H.S.E. 002-6 Lillian, Becoming Untouchable ::..

Lillian, once a humble office worker who gains a destiny with her expanding vagina on her unnatrually sexualised  body… an image set with captions tell of her tale to be told!                 Notes: So after the success of the main mock girl (and knowing this worked) I decided to take advantage […]

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..:: iGAPES – H.S.E. 001 (Mock) + Explination ::..

It’s time to release something NEW… and from the beginning – LET’S GO!! Introducing a Honey Select Edit otherwise as a H.S.E.! I’ve mentioned them in a post before – around about >> HERE << in fact; but that was a little time ago. So I want to explain a touch more since they have […]

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..:: iGAPES – Asuka Soryu (EVA) [Commission] ::..

  >> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL CONTENT IN ONE FILE << Firmly modified and changed by the whole experience and adapting to controlling her EVA is a very personal way, Asuka has now become something a whole lot more! My client is pleased for this one to be released and be free for the […]

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..:: Check Checkin’ In – Honey Select Edits (H.S.E.’s) & Update ::..

Hello my fans of gaping and excess – It’s been a little while, a hot minute if you will and so I figured I’d take a moment to chat and talk. Firstly – I hope everybody is going okay and is being safe in these uncertain times. Since last time I posted the world has […]

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..:: iGAPES – H.I.P.S. Case Study 01 ::..

We wary dear viewer and be educated on the latest iGAPES releated side effect, HIPS! I’d made mention of HIPS themed girls before but felt this maybe a point to bang this one out. Originally I’d decided that wide hipped girls would be another body type of gaper with a much broader lower section than […]

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